Unlock All Arenas and Battle Guide Jurassic World Alive

In Jurassic World Alive, you can start battle after you have created four dinosaurs. Then you have to complete two tutorial battles.

Under My Team you can pick dinosaurs in your team. If you only have eight, all dinosaurs are grouped under My Team. Once you go into battle four random dinosaurs are diced and taken away. Here, your opponent also has four dinos. The first to fight three opposing creatures wins. Since there are no healing items that you can use during the battles, you should pay special attention to your life. In addition, the time runs out. If you have not made a move after 300 seconds, your opponent is automatically on it.

Once you start a battle, you cannot stop. If you close the app, your opponent can win. The same thing happens when your internet connection fails.

At the end of a fight you will receive an incubator. It presents you with DNA, arrows and coins - but only if you have one of the four slots free. If that is not the case and you win a battle, you will not get the incubator. Therefore, you should either wait until you have a slot free or spend real money or in-game currency to skip the time of the incubator.

At the end of an arena battle, you’ll get trophies. The more you get, the harder it will be for you. With them you also unlock the next higher arena:

Sorna Marshes Arena, Battle Guide, Jurassic World Alive
All Seven Arenas:

1. Fallen Kingdom arena: from 60 trophies
2. MT.Sibo: from 500 trophies
3. SS Arcadia: from 1,000 trophies
4. Nublar Jungle: from 1,500 trophies
5. Badlands: from 2,000 trophies
6. Lockdown: from 2,500 trophies
7. Sorna Marshes: from 3,000 trophies

Higher arenas are more difficult, but they also get you better rewards and stronger dinosaurs. If you've completed all 7 arenas, you'll get many incubator boxes and the chance to get involved in the best 500. Your trophy count will be something like your arena rank. If you lose a battle, you're going to loose some trophies as well. Then you have to fight it hard again.

More Battle and Arena Tips

In order to be well prepared, we have compiled some battle tips to help you collect as many trophies as possible:

- Change your dinosaurs in battle as little as possible! If you do that, if a creature has little health, your opponent will get two attacks. The change counts as "attack" or train on your part. The substitute dinosaurs gets then immediately on the cap.

- Do not use your special attacks immediately, but save them - especially if you have a cooldown. You should use these special attacks only when you really need them.

- Set up a team with different bonuses. If four dinosaurs can break shields, that's just too much. Pay attention to a good balance!

- In addition, you should always pay attention before a battle, if you have at least one free incubator slot or have less than 140 arrows. The latter is the maximum number. Since you receive arrows as a combat reward, it would be a shame if they are going through the wrong places, right?

- Be sure to pay attention to the speed of your dinosaurs. At the beginning of a fight, the app compares the value of your and your opponent's dinosaurs. The creature with the higher speed may attack first.

- Don’t forget that you can tap your attacks for a long time to see how much damage your Dino will deal with. In addition, you get a prognosis in the enemy, how much health you will deduct.

- Take your time in a round. Look at the opposing stats and yours. Is the opponent's attack higher than your current HP? Then you should consider whether you can sacrifice your monster or if you should trade it.