Unlock Secrets Trophy Walkthrough: Detroit Become Human

In Detroit Become Human, there are a total of 49 trophies to be unlocked including the Secrets trophy. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock this trophy.

In order to unlock this trophy Kara must find the contents of Alice's box.

For that you have to complete the chapter: A New Home

- Clean all upstairs rooms (master bedroom, toilet, bathroom)

- Go to the Alice room. Tide her bed and open the window.

- Now you can talk to her (All rooms must be cleared).

Kara, Alice's box, Detroit Become Human

- Select the dialogue: circle: FRIENDLY, triangle: NAME KARA, square: INTERESTS?, circle: SEEM QUIET. So she will give you a key.

FRIENDLY, NAME KARA, INTERESTS, SEEM QUIET, Options, Secrets Trophy, Detroit Become Human, chapter 3, A New Home
- Use the key to open the box in Alice, room on the closet next to the door. Look at all the pictures in this little wooden box and put them back.

- Go down to finish the floor.

Unlock Secrets Trophy, Detroit Become Human, Open Alice's box