Ways to Get More or Better DNA in Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is all about collecting Dinosaur DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic acid) and creating your own creature. In this guide, we’ll show you the best and possible ways to collect DNA.

The Best and Important Ways to get DNA

Arena incubators can provide more DNA. A farmer's rule says that we now claim that the longer an incubator takes, the better the reward. There are incubators that unlock after 15 minutes, after three or eight hours (there are also rare, epic and premium incubators, which take much longer). The longer ones reward you with more or better DNA. That means for you: Take part in Arena fights and win them!

You can also buy incubators and get DNA.

The best way to get DNA is hunting for the dinosaurs. It's best to always hit the white dot in the center of the target to collect the highest amount of DNA. Below we give you some tips for shooting.

Collect Dinosaur DNA, Jurassic World Alive
With each shot you can collect a certain amount of DNA. If you go up in the level, this maximum amount increases every few levels. For example, if you reach level 10, you will receive a 20 DNA bull’s eye hit. We were able to observe that creatures with fewer stages release less DNA than the normal ones.

- Depending on how good your battery is, you can attack dinosaurs from a distance. VIPs get a better battery, so they can attack dinosaurs in about 200 meters away. This is an advantage in that you don’t have to walk around so much to get more DNA. But the VIP membership costs you around 10 dollars a month, which not everyone is willing to pay.

- Your battery consumes only from the first shot. This means that you can take your time just to aim for the bull’s eye. The first shot has to sit! Then, first the Dino starts to run and the battery is exhausted.

- Look closely at the target. It gets a little bigger if you wait a bit and don’t shoot right away. Of course you have to put your finger on the screen.

- Never shoot directly at the center (except the first shot), because the dinosaur will move and if you aim at the center, you will not hit it. Always aim a bit further in the direction the creature is going.

- The more often you meet the animal, the faster it moves. To get the most DNA, you have to start each shot a little bit further from the white center.

- Don’t hurry with the drone, otherwise it will make you dizzy and harder to stabilize. So stay calm and exercise controlled movements.