Captain Spirit: Puzzles, Costume, Pin Code Quick Walkthrough

In The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Spirit, you can read and discover a lot. In this guide, we have covered the most important issues - the superhero tasks.

According to a press release from the developer, this game should not only offer some clues about Life is Strange 2, but also take decisions:

So, if you want to play Life is Strange 2 and transfer your spirit of Captain Spirit, you should improve your relationship with your dad. This means that you should go to Chris' father as early as possible at the beginning of the game to have breakfast.

- Cook your father by opening the refrigerator, taking out the macaroni and warming it in the microwave.

- In the refrigerator you will also find rotten food. Interact and dispose them.

- Also wash the dishes and don’t use the superpower.

- In Chris' father’s room you’ll find some dirty laundry. Take them and wash them in the washroom. This option doesn’t apply if you have previously been to the washing machine and packed the dirt into the machine.

- Look for the car key to the left of the couch in the living room and put it in the bowl. This is located in the hall cupboard under the telephone next to the front door.

- Once you arrive outside, the stairs descend to the front door and interact with the shovel to clear the stairs of snow.

Captain Spirit

Put together a costume: find a mask, helmet, light and heavy armor as well as a dark and vibrant color.

At the very beginning of Captain Spirit's fantastic adventures, Chris asks you what the name-giving superhero should look like. We thought that would have no great impact on the game - well, wrong thought! Because depending on your choice, you may look for the costume parts that you have selected in the course of the game.

- Cape: You always have to find the cape. Just go to Chris' room and open the closet. Use Chris' super ability to put on the cloak.

- Mask: Go to the bathroom, which is right next to the father's room. Once you arrive in the room, turn right. Next to the bath is a large closet where you can find Halloween make-up. Interact with her for Chris to paint with it.

- Helmet: Opposite the fridge is a small storage cabinet embedded in the wall. Below is aluminum foil from which Chris is making a helmet.

- Light armor: Go into Chris' father's room and walk to the right of the bed. Down in the closet is his sports bag that you can interact with.

- Heavy armor: For the heavy armor, you have to go outside. Run to the car (from the front door and then right) and look at the back of the car. Here lies beer packaging, which Chris immediately grabs to make the armor out of it.

- Dark (Black) / Vibrant color: For both variants of the color you have to go outside and enter the shed / garage, which is right next to the house (from the front door and then to the right). But to get access here, you need the key. Look for him in the kitchen. Just before the washing machines turn right, the garage key hangs on the wall to the left of the door. Then go to the garage and look in the right cabinet at the top for spray paint.

Locations of All 12 Heroes and Villains

In order to complete the list of superheroes, we need to find various characters in and around the house, all of whom are part of the Captain Spirit or Mantroid team. There are 5 heroes and 4 villains, so you have to find a total of 9 figures.

Only 9 figures are shown on the task screen - but we want to tell you where to find all the toys. Unfortunately, we are not sure ourselves, which led to the completion of the task, because we looked at everything without exception, but did not always look into our superhero list:

- Chris or Captain Spirit: As soon as you wear your costume (cape, mask or helmet, light or heavy armor, dark or vibrant color), you have unlocked it.

- Mar-T-Rex: Run to the living room and look for the dino between the table and the oven on the floor. Interact with him.

- Sky Pirate: The Air Pirate is waiting for you in your tree house. Climb up and look for the bear on the left.

- Forest Warrior: The Warrior is waiting for you in Chris' room. Look for him to the left of the TV on the closet.

- Power Bear: He's laying on the floor in your nursery with Noctarious. Right next to the desk left.

- Mantroid: You are not directly facing this opponent. But you can find him on his planet. For this you first have to grab the car keys from your father. Look for it in the living room to the left of the couch. The following picture shows you the locality.

- You can put the key, as requested, in the bowl in the hall - you can easily get it out of here again. Go outside and then right to the car. Unlock it and apply your super ability.

- Snowmancer: After defeating the Snowmancer, Chris paints his character in the to-do list. How this works is described below in this walkthrough.

Captain Spirit, Snowmancer, snowman

- The Shark Stinger: You can find him on the floor of your nursery. Look for him right in front of the TV.

- Noctarious: Interact with Power Bear next to the desk in your nursery and the villain is painted.

In addition to these heroes and villains, you can collect three more, which are not noted on the drawing. The Princess can be found in Chris' tree house behind the house. Look for the doll to your right. So the good team is full and you can collect two more villains: The first one is the water eater, which you find in the room behind the washroom. The second rogue is Noctared. He is also in the tree house to your right.

Taming Water eaters and defeat opponents

As you explore the house, you can remove some of your superhero list tasks. This includes the water eater.

The water eater can be found in a room next to the kitchen. Go to the right to the washroom and then to the door - but only if you wear your magic cape.

If you don’t wear it yet, you have to go back to the nursery again. Once you enter, you go to the left and open the cupboard doors there. Use your superpowers and put on the cloak. Go back to the door now.

What you need to do now to defeat the water eater is pretty self-explanatory: Go to the water source and then use your superpower to defeat him.

Play Mustard Party 2: Find and enter PIN from Daddy's cell phone

Let's do the most difficult task in the game. We must also admit that the derivation of the solution is quite far-fetched. So while we've entered three thousand numbers, the solution is to enter a very different number from birth, death, and wedding dates.

The solution is the word "HAWTDAWG". But if you enter this as a combination of numbers, ie with T9, it comes to the following number sequence: 42983294 . And you already have your PIN for your father's phone.

Shoot beer cans: Collect cans and train target safety

In the second Cutscene you can see how your father drinks from the beer cans. Later, you should interact with the cans on the kitchen line so Chris can recycle them. Take the garbage out and go outside.

Once here, you go back to the beer cans, which are still in front of the front door and interacts with them again. Chris is now building a canned pyramid that needs to be knocked over. It is important that every can of the railing is shot. Once this is done, the task has been completed.

Defeat the Snowmancer: find the code for the lock in the garage and ammunition and blow up the snowman.

The Snowmancer is the evil snowman behind the house. So you have to leave the house and interact with him. After Chris has restored him, but not much happens - what follows now, is not very clear.

He probably lacks sufficient shooting or explosive power. Good that he once mentioned that his father took his bangers from him - but, where did he hide them? We continue to search the house and the surrounding area and enter the garage during the game.

In the garage, a huge padlock hangs on a cabinet on the right. What is behind it?, we need a four-digit code, which is not so difficult to find out.

The code for the lock in the garage is: 2005.

If you look at the trophies in your father's cupboard in the living room, you'll probably notice a year more: exactly, 2005! A trophy and a picture of him shows the year. In the end, Chris's dad still seemed to be doing really well. Maybe that was one reason why he took the number combination for the lock?

In the closet, you'll find Chris' missing bangers, with that you have to go to the snow man and blow him up. Already the task is done!

Find Captain Spirit's treasure: find both parts of the map, find decoders and master "Maze of Doom"

The hidden treasure of Captain Spirit can be found with a treasure map. Part of it can already be found in the children's room by Chris. However, he already tells you at the view that another part is missing.

To find this, you have to go outside and climb into the tree house behind the house. Once at the top, you turn left and open the secret hiding place with your superpower. Besides some documents, you will also find the "Secret Decoder" here. With him in the luggage it goes back to the house and to Chris' nursery.

Turn the map now exactly that the following picture comes out of it. Note: To arrange it correctly, you should pay attention to the circles and numbers or the 1 in a circle.

Now go through the numbers in ascending order and look at the directions. Accordingly, you get the following order:


Now go outside and walk to the northwest. Here is the Maze of Doom. Climb through and walk in the directions just mentioned to recover the treasure. Caution: handkerchief alarm.

Captain Spirit, Dad Car, Spaceship

Meet Mantroid: Find the spaceship and fly to the planet of Mantroid

And now we can devote ourselves to the last mission: Meet Mantroid and destroy him! For that you need the car key from your father. You can find this in the living room and to the left of the couch. By no means follow your father's advice and place the key in the bowl provided. We have other plans!

Go outside and turn right. Here is the car of your dad, which you can open immediately. Launch the car with Chris' superhero powers to reach the planet of Mantroid. A scene that leaves a lot of room for discussion and hints is played - and the task is done.

You can only get into the car when Captain Spirit wears his complete costume. So make sure you've collected all the pieces together.