Catch / Hatch All Alola Forms in Pokémon Go

For the first time Alola Pokémon was introduced in Pokémon: Sun and Moon. These are first generation monsters that have evolved and adapted to the warm climate of the Alola region, changing their types and attacks. Recently, Niantic announced that the Alola forms would be introduced in Pokémon Go.

Similar to the dazzling Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you will not get a new Pokédex entry to the Alola, just another depiction of the original monster. In turn, this means that the Alolas have no own candy and you can use the normal candy for the development of an Alola. Of course you have to catch the Alola first.

So far, there are few Alola Pokémon that you can catch in the wild. Everyone else will either receive you soon through raids or through the Friendship Gifts feature in Pokémon Go. With this you send packages, which also contain special 7-km-eggs, with that you can hatch Alola. But you have to get these eggs for free. You cannot open the gifts yourself.

Overall, there are the following Alolas, whose color is definitely different from their normal forms. If you want to swap an Alola in Pokémon Go, you also have to deal with a special exchange that will cost you a lot of Stardust.

Rattata - Gray
Raticate - Gray
Raichu - Orange
Sandshrew - White
Sandslash - Light blue
Vulpix - White
Geodude - Light gray
Ninetales - Light blue
Diglett - With hair
Dugtrio - With hair
Meowth - Light blue
Persian - Light Blue
Graveler - Light gray
Golem - with a beard
Grimer - Green
Muk - Colorful striped
Exeggutor - Long neck
Marowak - Dark purple