Fortnite: Find Haunted Hills Treasure Map, hidden treasure

The Challenges for Season 4 of Week 9 in Fortnite: Battle Royale requires you to find Haunted Hills treasure Map and the hidden treasure.

You can also skip finding the treasure map and go straight to the location of the treasure. But if you want to continue treasure hunting, then we suggest that you head for the house with the damaged roof in the center of Haunted. You can go under the foundation beside the entrance stairs. Here you see a treasure map.

As usual, there are again several sites for the treasure map. We felt we could find the map in smaller buildings rather than in big ones. In addition, we were never found in buildings during the past treasure hunts. So look for the walls and best outside.

Now that you've looked at the treasure map, head north to Junk Junction. The following map shows you the exact location:

Fortnite, Haunted Hills, Treasure Map, Location

Fortnite, Haunted Hills, Treasure Map, Location

Just go to the big apartment in the middle of the junkyard. In the north of it is a scrap pile on which the Battle Star appears. Either jump straight out of the Battle-Bus and land on the pressed cars or build yourself up a staircase to the point.

We also recommend that you first land in the big house, loot here and then go to the point. From the top floor of the house you have a good view of all players who want to grab the star.