Get 5 Stars Rating in Jurassic World Evolution

In Jurassic World Evolution, it is not that difficult to get 5 stars rating of your island. You can see your rating in the Status Menu (PS4 = square, Xbox One = X). The island rating consists of two aspects: dinosaur rating and facility rating.

Again, these are separated into other factors. They are color coded and your task is to get them to a green level. It is not necessary to have all the factors highlighted in green to get 5 stars for an island. Sometimes one or two factors can be blue.

Dinosaur Rating (5-Star)

The dinosaur rating is separated into three additional factors: the number of dinosaurs, the variety of the species and the welfare of the animals. 

The variety of dinosaurs is also easy to increase. Always try to keep the minimum number of species so you can meet your social needs and still have enough space to accommodate more species.

If you click on the Dinosaur Rating field, you will get more information on what you can do to improve the island. Authenticity is related to genome research. The better you research a genome, the happier your guests are. The modifications increase the pleasure. So, if you unlock modifications for your creatures, use them to improve the island rating.

In this view, just look for the factors that have a minus in front of it. You'll have to take care of them to get more stars.

Stars Rating Guide, Jurassic World Evolution

Facility Rating (5-Star)

The Facility / Park rating is also separated into three factors: The amount of safety, the capacity and The level of satisfaction

At this point you may open up questions and if you click on the Rating field, you will get a large list that shows you what to look for.

- The facility rating is carried out by the guests on the island. This means that you have to take care of the satisfaction of the guests to get 5 stars.

- The safety is then ensured if there are no guest injuries. Of course, dinosaurs may break out and get in trouble so quickly. So always make sure to have enough shelters and call in your guests in time, when a storm comes or an animal breaks out.

- Sufficient capacity is easily achieved if you have built enough hotels to accommodate your guests.

If you pay attention to all the above factors, you will soon realize that the 5 stars are quite easy to get. You need time and money and a little bit of skill building so you can use the space on an island efficiently.