Stop Raptors Escaping Jurassic World Evolution

In Jurassic World Evolution, your captured or hatched dinosaurs like to escape from their enclosure. To stop this you have to take some safety measures so that they settle down in their enclosure.

Move your pointer over the Raptor or other Dino who keeps escaping and look at his needs. It's actually quite simple, because the controller should be in the bars on the blue side.

The game shows you that the dinosaurs escape when the total security is in the red. This total security includes factors such as open grasslands, forest cover, social groups and the number of animals in an enclosure. Pay attention to your individual needs with each species.

- Make sure that the dinos have enough food or water points: Sometimes an animal is dissatisfied because it has fed away the turf and you have not brought a new one.

- It may also happen that the environment does not fit them. Make sure that there are enough trees and grass in the enclosure?

- You recognize the effect of your actions rather quickly because the corresponding controller slowly moves in the blue direction with the appropriate factor.

- Particularly important is the bar under "social." For example, you don’t have much room for the Raptor here if you don’t want it to escape. Pay attention to whether your dinosaurs prefer to be alone, in large herds or with only a few members of their kind.

Stop Raptors Escaping, Jurassic World Evolution

Stop Raptor Keeps Break Out

Below we’ll give you some useful tips on how you can increase the security to prevent their escape attempts.

- The most important tip we can give you is that you should hatch at least two raptors at once. It costs a lot of money but a Raptor alone will always be unhappy and try to escape.

- Sometimes two raptors are not enough to guarantee the social satisfaction of the dinosaurs and thus to prevent the escape.

- Three raptors are ok, but it is a very insecure box. If something happens that doesn’t like one of the dinosaurs, then he will quickly be dissatisfied. If one dies, you must replace him quickly, so that the other two are not dissatisfied.

- The magic number in this case is the four! Even five raptors can work in an enclosure, but that's too hard at the limit.

Always pay attention to the needs of your dinosaurs to prevent an outbreak.

Before you let the first Raptor go, you should cover about a quarter of the area with trees. Next, place one food slot with meat and at least two with live loot, so your raptors are busy.

Around the enclosure you should pull an electric fence, because all the other barricades break down too fast and don’t even keep the little guys in the cage for the length of the storm. Even the electric fence gives no 100% certainty, but it keeps much longer. Two simple or reinforced fences will not really help you, because they also don’t keep the raptors from escaping for long.

Of course, the electric fences should be neatly powered. If you can afford it, build a power station specifically for the electric fence of the raptor enclosure. In addition, you should definitely build a shelter in the vicinity of the enclosure to quickly bring the visitors to safety. A ranger station nearby is also an advantage.