Make Quick Money in Jurassic World Evolution

There are many ways to make money in Jurassic World Evolution. In this guide, we’ll show you some of these methods to make a lot of money in the game.

At the beginning of the game, you don’t need any money. But as soon as you enter the second island Isla Muerta, the simple part of the game is over. You start with no research, expedition, fossil and ACU safety stations. Each of these buildings cost you lot of money. And new dinosaurs have to be paid somehow.

The easiest way to farm quick money in JWE is to do the missions for the 3 divisions of Jurassic World Evolution. Click on the control room, the first icon at the top left of the navigation. Request orders below on the left. Choose wisely which department you want to hire. You can also stop the missions if you don’t like them.

If you start on the second island and you want to build some buildings quickly, you should hatch Dinosaurs. Look for those who have the best rating. These are mainly carnivores. The better the rating and the more different creatures you have in the park, the more money you will get per minute. If you have a few dollars left, we recommend a fast food restaurant for the guests. Always check the number of guests that food buys. If necessary, you have to hire by staff, in the end to be able to serve more people.

The small cash injection: take pictures of Dinosaurs

If you already have at least one Dinosaurs in your park, you can shoot photos of him. That's what makes their money - not much, but in the repetition is the goal. Simply select a Ranger vehicle and steer yourself. At the bottom left you will see which button you need to press for a photo. For example: on the PC, F.

Make Quick Money, Jurassic World Evolution, Guide

Depending on how well your photographed Dinosaurs is, you will get more money for the photo. But first you have to drive into his enclosure. Just stand in front of the gate to the enclosure. After a short while it opens and you can enter.

If you want to earn more money with photos, you should consider the following:

- The more dinosaurs in the picture, the better. And if they're all different species, you'll get even more money.

- If you pick the creature on an activity, you get more money.

- Make sure that the Dinosaurs is placed exactly in the middle of the picture and can also be seen in the middle of the frame.

Make Quick Money, Jurassic World Evolution, Dinosaurs

- If you make a whole series of photos of the same Dinosaurs, you'll be deducted money on the rating and you'll get less money.

- If you have to wait for the construction of a building or the completion of a research, the photo function offers a good bridge.

The following activities ensure that you earn a lot of money with the photos:

- Drink from a pond, river, etc.
- Eat another dinosaurs or goats
- Socialize (only dinosaurs that belong to the same species within a compound can do that)
- Hunt for another Dinosaurs
- Racing or fast running
- Fighting and attacking another dinosaur

Money transfer between the islands

What doesn’t work that easy in reality works great with Jurassic World Evolution. You can transfer money between the islands. We therefore recommend that you stay on the first island for as long as possible and that you are already exploring all projects and improvements. After a relatively short time, we were able to collect more than $ 8 million on the entry-level island.

If you change to another island now, you will notice that you will not keep the money, but the research progress. Accordingly, you don’t necessarily have to build a research building. All upgrades that you have discovered on Island 1 are also available on the second island.

The whole thing works well with fossils. From time to time, you'll get materials like fossil excrement, which you can only sell and extract no Dino DNA from. Keep her, move to your current island and sell this item here. You can do the same with fossils that you don’t need.

With this method, you have to travel a lot back and forth, but also quickly have a lot of money in the account.