Get True Dragon bane Sword for Jonathan in Vampyr

True Dragonbane is a unique weapon in Vampyr and it can provide you with additional blood boost after an upgrade. This weapon will be automatically unlocked for pre-order buyers but for others you must first complete the side mission of Usher and solve a plate puzzle so that you can get the legendary dragon hunter Paulinus Aurelius sword.

You can find Usher in the Temple Church in the West End. This quest you can only accept from chapter 5. Close by you can already see the plates that you need to press later, but now you don’t have to worry about them.

Now, you have to accept Usher’s side Pandora’s Box and get a notebook for him, which was stolen from him. This can be found at the Finsbury Theater in Whitechapel. So take care of the enemies that drop a key for you.

Now, go to the stage area and take the door to the left of the stage to get into the basement. There, in a small office, you’ll find a safe. Use the key to open it, in which you will find the notebook. Here, you should not look into the notebook! Otherwise, you will not receive any reward for the quest.

True Dragonbane, Jonathan, Paulinus Aurelius, Vampyr

Bring the notebook back to Usher at the Temple Church and in return receive the document Origins of the Brotherhood. You may read this now, but actually only the four symbols in the upper right corner are important. These are different for each player, so our solution is just an example but not a general solution.

The symbols denote the plates and are arranged as they appear when you have access to Usher to the left of you. In order to evaluate these symbols you need all 30 collectibles. Then you can always look in the menu of the objects on the middle document to find anywhere on this one of the four symbols and a certain number of points.

The dots indicate the order in which you must press the plates. So a dot means that this is the first printing plate. There are six symbols altogether because you have to hit the plates six times.

After finding the order and decipher everything, you have to go to the plates in the church and enter them accordingly. It is best to take notes in advance so that you don’t have to remember the solution. If you have done everything right, then the wall opens. There - on a small marble floor you’ll find are the records of Paulus Aurelianus and of course the legendary sword.

True Dragon bane, Sword, Vampyr

True Dragonbane: Stats and Special Features

True Dragonbane has unique values and bonuses that make the effort worthwhile. As a basic stat, it has the following:

Damage: 75, Speed: 10.0 and Stamina: 20.0

At level 2 the damage already grows to 90, at level 4 it is already at 210! You should quickly upgrade to the second level, because here you already have the choice between two effects. We recommend the one where you take 10 blood points with each hit. If you later want to change an effect, you just have to find the right materials for it.

If you're also a pre-order, you'll find the sword in the hospital instead, after attending the main quest Eternal Thirst. You can then go to the hospital and a second-floor treatment room for a locker where this legendary weapon is at level 1.

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