Vampyr: Medicine, Treatment and Recipe Locations guide

In Vampyr, if you see a yellow sign appears in the menu for one of your NPCs then you need medicine to be able to perform the appropriate treatments. But not all medicines are available to you. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock all the treatments and the right medicine.

Keep in mind that you only find the formula for medicine in vampires. You will then have to analyze it at the workbench. Next you have to get the ingredients to make correct medicine. Only then you can, again at the workbench, craft the medicine.

Locations of all Formulas / Recipes for Medicine

If you are having difficulty with finding the treatment for the headache, migraine and neuralgia, then here are the locations of all recipes:

- Cure for fatigue, anemia and Sepsis: Once you arrive at Pembroke Hospital, you will be able to use the medicine to cure these diseases.

Vampyr, Medicine, Treatment, Recipe Locations Guide

- Cure for cold, bronchitis and pneumonia: The recipe for medicine against these three diseases can be found in the Old Mortuary. After defeating John Doe, look around the room. On the upper level you’ll find a cupboard and in it is the recipe.

- Cure for headache, migraine and neuralgia: To make the medicine for these, you have to wait until you come to the cemetery in the north-east of the map as part of the story. Here you will find a corpse in the bushes and the recipe.