Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Pets Cost and Benefits

With the latest update to Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery you have the opportunity to keep a pet or companion (Toad / Frog, Rat, Cat and Owl). In this guide, we show you the benefits of your companion and how much gems you have to spend to get them.

After the latest update, it is finally time to have a furry friend and you will see a cat next to your character, next to a small plus. The cat doesn’t belong to you right now, because you click on the plus, you see once the four options that you have to choose from.

The only difference so far with the animals is the cost. Toad and rat will cost you less Gems than to have a cat or owl.

Toad - 160 Gems
Rat - 160 Gems
Cat - 215 Gems
Owl - 320 Gems

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With your pet you can also get some energy on a regular basis but not too much because the free app makes its profit through the unpopular in game purchases.

Once your pet has fallen asleep, you can nudge it and get an energy point. You don’t even have to decide what you're going to take out and exclude the other animals, because when you visit your dorm, you see there are four pets in total. So if you have enough gems left, you can gradually buy all four pets and take them with you, so you always get small energy boost.