Pokémon Go: Contents, Receive and Send Gift Boxes

In Pokémon Go, you can send gift boxes to your friendly coaches and increase friendship. However, you cannot open these boxes to see what's inside. Therefore, we listed all possible items that may be included in these boxes.

If you are lucky enough to open a gift, expect at least two items from the list below. If you see only one item displayed to you after opening, it is because you have pulled the same content twice and added it up. The following contents are available in the gifts:

7 km egg
Poké Balls
Great Balls
Ultra Balls
Super Potion
Hyper Potion
Max Revives
Pinap Berry
King's Rock
Sun Stone

From the 7km egg, the very special Alola shapes of Pokémon Go can drop, so you should always make sure to have a free slot in the egg inventory before opening a gift. Otherwise, there will never be an egg in the gift.

The exchange of gifts boosts the friendship level on both sides, so you both have something of it. But you can only send something to a friend once a day and receive it from him. Overall, you can only send and receive 20 gifts a day.

In addition, only a single friend action counts on the day. So if you have already exchanged a Pokémon, you should wait to send a gift, so that this progress will be credited and counted. If you are just keen on the content, you can of course open the box!