Realm Royale Getting Started and Strategy Guide

Realm Royale is a Fantasy Battle Royale video game where you can choose from 5 different classes and all of which have different abilities. Besides, there are class specific weapons that you should choose according to your style of play.

The game offers you 5 classes to choose from. Each character has different weapons, abilities and even bonuses that will be granted to you throughout the match. The latter are:

- Assassin: You're 10 percent faster than other classes.
- Engineer: You get 5 armor per second.
- Hunter: You switch between weapons and abilities 10 percent faster than others and have a 10 percent faster reload speed.
- Mage: Potions like Healing and Armor are 30% more effective.
- Warrior: You gain 5 health per second.

Class, Realm Royale

Play through the different classes and try them all to find the class that suits your style of play. In addition, you should look at the weapons that you can make at the forge for each class.

Use the Forging

You find the Forge on your map. You open it with Tab. Looking for an anvil symbol. Choose here Armor, Potions or other items that you want to make from Shards.

Shards you get by defeating other people and looting their inventory or disassembling unwanted items. For the latter, press the displayed button. Skills are the round icons. If they are crossed out, your character cannot learn it. In that case, you should definitely turn them into shards.

Choose in the smithy what you want to craft. If you have enough shards, the time runs out. For one minute, you have to wait for your item to finish. Stupidly, black-and-white smoke is now appearing above the building, which even enemies in the distance can see. So be on the lookout and watch out for enemies.

The more shards you spend in the smithy, the better the equipment you get. Broken down means the following:

- Spend 30 Shards and get: Health and Armor Soak
- Spend 60 Shards and get: a random Legendary Armor piece
- Spend 90 Shards and get: a random legendary class ability
- Spend 120 Shards and get: a random legendary weapon

Realm Royale, Getting Started Guide

If you get a piece of equipment, but you don’t need it, you can either turn it back into shards or hand it over to your teammate. You should always have a look at what Armor he has on the top left. By the way, armor, like weapons, has several rarity levels:

- Common: white
- Rare: green
- Epic: purple
- Legendary: orange

Land Properly and Loot

Once you have jumped out of the Zeppelin, you should head for balconies or doors. In the houses you will find chests that you should open quickly. You also need to know the difference between the two chest types:

Don’t Forget the Mounts!

If you press Z, you call your mount and ride automatically. As soon as you aim the weapon, the creature disappears again until you call it again. Don’t forget your mount if you have to overcome longer distances to escape the fog.

Don't be a chicken or jump off

Instead of moving on all fours writhing in pain, there's another knocked animation on Realm Royale. You turn into a chicken and wave the white flag. If you have been hit by an enemy and have switched to your animal form, you have to jump into a house or jump over cover as fast as you can. The enemy has 30 seconds to finally kill you. After this time, you will automatically be transformed back into your hero and can continue to play normally.

But that also means that you should kill every hopping chicken immediately! Otherwise the kill will not be yours and the chicken will turn into a fighter again.

To fall in the depths is not that bad

There is currently no casualty in the game. So jump from any height that you have before you and try it out. If you fall together with your mount, the mount disappears and you have a little crash animation in front of you. If you find yourself in the middle of a fight, this could be a problem as you will not get out of the animation that fast.