Vampyr: Skills and Abilities to Use Early in the game

Most players play Vampires in their own way, so we cannot recommend you the best skills here. However, we would like to share our experiences with you and show you which skills or abilities we have used and which we would improve early in the game.

Since you need blood to use many good skills and also to heal, the blood yielding skills in our opinion are the most important ones. Here, we have listed some useful tips that you should pay attention:

- Be sure to improve the skills that give you blood points. This game is a little easier to play with if you can use your vampire powers and that will work better as the game progresses, because the more blood you have, the more often you can use the deadly skills.

- For example, if you upgrade clot in the Defensive section to the highest level (at the bottom of the skill tree), you will receive +20 Blood Yield without cost. However, you need level 24 for this skill and so it is more of a tip for the later course of vampires. But even with the first variant of the lower branch of the "coagulation" you can get +10 blood yield. All you need is character level 3.

- In the section "Aggressive" you will find the "claws" . They are a great help in melee combat, and if you improve the upper tree trunk, you will also receive a small amount of blood for each attack.

- There are some abilities that collect blood points besides the basic damage. This bonus often occurs in the later variants in the skill tree. Look for it, because such a combination is always advantageous.

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Skills to be used in the Fight

What you should pay attention to improve the fighting skills are the resistances of the opponents. Nevertheless, there are advantages and disadvantages to the skills we have tried to judge.

- Under "Aggressive" you will find the "blood spear". It is especially useful if you don’t want to approach your opponents too much. Especially good is the "blood spear" even if your adversaries are resistant to melee or shadow damage - the "blood spear" causes blood damage.

- One skill that we used every now and then was the "jump" ("tactical"). Especially after we have improved the lower level of the skill tree. The cost of use is relatively low and you not only cause a slight damage but also shock.

- In turn, we did not enjoy using "Shadow Veil" because we tried to keep our endurance consumption as low as possible. Endurance is one of the key factors in vampires and should be improved as soon as possible.

- Pretty much every action in combat consumes stamina (abilities excepted) and when the stamina bar is empty, you can quickly take a few hits that decide on life and death. You should always have enough stamina to dodge a blow. However, the Shadow Veil ability is ideal if you want to avoid the annoying battles.

- Biting was one of the most commonly used attacks from the start. To make it really worthwhile we have improved the passive ability "Big Thirst" as fast as possible and of course at the same time increased blood capacity. You can find both skills under "Blood".

Ultimate Abilities, Rage, Abyss, Blood Cauldron

Ultimate Abilities

The Ultimate abilities you can unlock later in the game. They cause enormous damage, because they are just your ultimate abilities. You should think carefully about when to use them because their cooldown is comparatively long.

The three skills you find under "Ultimate" are all recommended. Above all, they differ in the damage they give out. "Rage" deals physical damage, "Abyss" deals Shadow damage, and "Blood Cauldron" deals Blood damage. Which of these abilities you should use depends on the resistances of your opponent.

Of course, we'll continue to play vampires, and if we find any other abilities that greatly enhance the fun factor, we'll update this guide.