Vampyr Water Plant and Get Unlife is Strange Achievement

In Vampyr, you’ll find a dying plant that needs water. In order to unlock the achievement / trophy Unlife is Strange you need to water this plant. This achievement is a reference to the game Life Is Strange, which also comes from the same developer Dontnod Entertainment.

- The dying plant can be found in your room at the Pembroke Hospital, just to the left of your workbench. Jonathan responds when you click on the plant. No hint, nothing.

- Go to West End now. If you come over the connecting bridge over White chapel, look around, because one of the houses there you can enter.

- Go in through the door and look right. You find a medicine cabinet in the corner. Reach in and take out the bottle of water.

- Then return to your quarters at Pembroke Hospital and interact with the dry plant to water it.

- After the watering process, it will take a few days for the dying plant to turn green again and you will have saved it.

Vampyr, Water Plant, Unlife is Strange, Unlock Achievement

Of course, if you don’t want to wait that long for the days to pass, you can go to your bed and just go to sleep. After the day has passed and you wake up, take a look at the plant. Still not blooming again? Then go to bed again. Repeat the procedure until you see the green leaves of the plant.