Find All Larry's Notes Guide with Location Maps: Far Cry 5

In the latest DLC “Lost On Mars” for the Far Cry 5, you have to find 28 Notes of Larry Parker. In this guide, we'll show you where to look for these notes.

If you have collected all Larry’s 28 notes, then you will be able to unlock the Gold Trophy. If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, you should definitely wait to collect the 12 body parts from Hurk. Otherwise, you will eventually reach a point of no return and Larry's notes are gone.

Below we've marked each note for you on the map and describe exactly where to look for it.

1. Use your space wings at the marked location to get to the top. You'll find the first note on a box.

Far Cry 5 Wolf Beacon Locations with Map, Call of the Wild

Mechanic, Larry Note 1

2. Jump onto the left building with your space wings and look for a white box. This note you'll find on the filed

 I spy

3. This location is not easily seen in the Mars Desert turns out to be an accident site, where a box is also lying around, half buried by a few rocks. Again, the note is on it.

Nothing is ever easy

4. Reach the north elevation so you can enter the first platform and find the note on the box as usual.

Watch the sky

5. With this platform, you have to be close enough for the drive of your wings to reach. Just stand under the platform, so that you can hold on to your last swing and pull up.

Note # 5

6. Just south of the previous location is a kind of arch construction. At the northern foot of the arch is again a box and on it you'll find the note.

Note #6

7. Another note on a box can be found here on the southern platform built into the rock face. Again, the easiest way to get there is with your space wings.

Note # 7

8. Head east from the previous location to the dark spider formations in the crater . Search the only human structures for more information about the queen.

Note # 8

9. Far to the east you'll find another note on the platform with Hurk robot clones (just without the pretty painting). Again you will find a box and a note from Larry.

Note # 9

10. From the previous location you have to head south to the structures with the two holes in the platform. Jump down from there and look for the note on one of the outer shelves.

Note #10

11. Here you will find again a platform, relatively high, which you have to get to hand to the Note.

Note #11

12. You don't have to spend a lot of time in the crater, but defeat a lot of enemies before you can grab the site. Beware especially when you enter the sand ...

Note # 12

13. It is best to jump towards the three platforms and land on the middle. You can do that in a gliding flight. The Larry’s note on a box again.

Note # 13

14. Close by, you'll find a platform in the sand, you can just slip in from the last location. In fact, you have to go to the small box on the edge of the sand surface to learn more about the anti-gravity zone.

Note # 14

15. On the edge of the large dune desert in the west you will find a few crash parts relatively high and a lot of enemies. As always, the note on a box.

Note # 15

16. Also in the desert to the west is a relatively large station. Go to the outer left edge of the building and jump down into the wide shaft. The note is right on the edge of the shaft.

Note # 16

17. We still cannot leave the desert, because at the marked place you will find another note if you dare to enter the sand and face all the enemies.

Note # 17

18. You don't have to go into that big structure in the south of the desert to find the note. Instead, just look outside for the boxes on the left side of the entrance to the note.

Note # 18

19. In the middle of the destroyed space parts and spider structures, another note hides below the largest fragment on a box. Be careful not to run across the sand.

Note # 19

20. Start here, north of the Hemoleum Research Center, walk into the entrance from here. Go back to the green boxes and then turn left to find the note attached to a pipe.

Note # 20

21. You will find this very brief note at a small research terminal amidst the rocks. Again, your space wings are in demand.

Note # 21

22. From the rise of the rocks you can now simply glide on the left wing of the large plant. There are a couple of half-closed boxes in the entrance area, and on one of them you'll find the note.

Note # 22

23. In the destroyed part with the alien formations the attachment note lies to the previous one. If you approach from the north, the note is on a box on the right side.

Note # 23

24. The last note in this station is inside. In the structure destroyed by the Arachnids stands a box at the end of the corridor that sinks half in the sand.

Note # 24

25. The best place to go is on the rocks below the rock-built complex and then, with the help of the space wings, jump to the left, front, ruined corridor. There is a isolated box with the note.

Note # 25

26. Almost at the end of the map are few remnants of human life. Look out for a box again there you'll find the note!

27. If you have taken care of the enemies on the rock plateau, jump onto the top of the tower there. There you'll find a box with the.

Note # 27

28. Larry's last note can be found in the geological research center south of the Great Desert. Right at the entrance to the console, which you had to fire with an energy core.

Note # 28


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