Fortnite: All Tasks, Challenges guide Week 10 Season 4

Fortnite Week 10 Season 4 challenges are live now. In this guide we show you solutions and locations to all seven tasks / challenges of the 10th week.

- Deal damage to opponents’ structure - (5000) - 5 stars / 500 XP

- Search chests in Junk Junction - (7) - 5 stars / 500 XP

- Skydiving through floating rings (20) - 5 stars / 500 XP

- Search a Chest, Ammo Box and Supply Drop in a Single (3) - 5 stars / 500 XP

- Search between movie titles (difficult) - (1) - 10 stars / 1,000 XP

- Eliminate opponents (hard) - (10) - 10 stars / 1,000 XP

- Eliminate Opponents in Fatal Fields (Hard) - (3) - 10 stars / 1,000 XP

Here's how you can do the challenges of Week 10 - Season 4

Deal damage to opponents’ structure

You don’t have to do anything special to solve this task. Just play Fortnite in the normal way, and be sure to bring in a lot of explosive weapons. With them you carry out damages to structures to solve this task.

Search chests in Junk Junction

This task is the usual collect X chests challenge. Just look that you're the first to land in Junk Junction and unlock as many chests as possible. Ideally, you'll fly there when the Battle Bus wiggles over the map as far away as possible. Then there should be less competition.

Skydiving through floating rings

In fact, there was exactly the same challenge at the end of Season 3. Here, You must fly through 20 of floating rings as you jump off the Battle Bus.

Search a Chest, Ammo Box and Supply Drop in a Single

The first two subtasks are quite simple. Almost everyone will find a chest and ammo box right at the start of the match. But the supply drops are harder to get.

They usually appear only when the storm zone gets smaller. Most you will find them at the end of a match. So you have to stay alive long enough to open one more. The task must be in the next round of a match, otherwise it will not count.

Fortnite, Week 10, Season 4, Search between movie titles
Search between movie titles

As you might have guessed, this time you'll have to go to Risky Reels to find the crucial clues to finding the star / treasure Risky Reels is a drive-in cinema located to the northeast of the map. There you will find a sign indicating the movies that are currently playing: Orange Crusher, a white lion and TV Dreams. The movie titles are allusions to real locations.

- The "Orange Crusher" is the junk press at Junk Junction
- White lions stand in front of the big football stadium
- TV Dreams refers to the television in the house between Junk Junction and the stadium

The star / treasure you’ll locate between these three points

Land just south of the house with the TV Dreams. There is a small path and directly below a small piece of earth. There is the star. It appears when you approach it.

Eliminate opponents (hard)

Ten kills are not an easy task but since you don’t have to kill them in one turn or even with a specific weapon, you can let off steam. Shoot, blast, beat or push your opponents until you have the ten kills together.

Pro tip: Ideally, you go to crowded places like Tilted Towers or in areas where you still have kill orders open from other challenges.

Eliminate opponents in Fatal Fields

This job is nothing special. Just go to Fatal Fields, grab a weapon and go. Ideally, you'll do the first three kills for the other Challenge from week 10. Incidentally, Fatal Fields is sprawling, so get some weapons with a good reach and lie in wait.