Get Flush Factory Treasure Location Map: Fortnite

In Fortnite Season 5 week 3, you can search and collect Flush Factory's treasure. For the first time even those who don’t have the Battle Pass may experience a treasure hunt.

To get 10 Battle Points and climb the level in the Battle Pass, you must first go to Flush Factory. Search the map there. Once you have completed the puzzle, you have to go to the given point. If you are correct, the Battle Star appears and you can collect it.

At the start of the challenge many players will reach there and you will probably die quickly. However, mostly people dance and celebrate at the location. The important thing is that you shouldn’t leave the round by going to the menu. You must die or win the game so the challenge is counted.

As always, you don’t necessarily have to see the treasure map to collect the treasure. Of course, you can also simply look at the following map and visit the location.

Remember that until the 25th of September you have time to find the treasure. We recommend you - as always - to let some time pass and collect the Battle Star later. Now there is a lot going on at this location. If you grabbed the star, you should then run to Fatal Fields and loot there to complete the round with better odds.

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Of course, you can also land first in Fatal and then build up on the mountain. But also on it is a building just waiting to be looted by you.

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