No Man's Sky Next: Get Free Freighter

In No Man's Sky, freighters serve as a mobile base and keep several spaceships. With the latest DLC Next, you can even get a free freighter, which provides you with plenty of space for now.

Note: Since almost all of the game elements in No Man's Sky are random and each world is different, the chance of a free freighter may vary from one player to another.

If you have downloaded and installed the latest update, you can load the previously saved game or create a new one. If you decide to start a new game, of course you have to complete the tutorials before you can get a freighter.

If you load an existing game, you will see a series of new missions in the mission log. You must track down a freighter and destroy the attacking spaceships. It will not be that easy, as usually four to eight enemies appear.

If you helped the freighter with the defense, you must first activate your communicator. The crew of the freighter will contact you and invite you to a little chat. You are allowed to land on the freighter and speak with the captain - this will be marked with a blue symbol.

No Man's Sky, Next Update, Freighter

As a reward for your efforts, you will receive a free freighter. You just have to accept the offer and then you can use all options of the freighter.

Since these freighters like to cost you lot, you have to save a lot of money here with a rescue mission. So you should complete this rescue mission as soon as possible.