Pokémon Quest Cooking Recipes and Ingredients Guide

In Pokémon Quest, cooking gives you new Pokémon to your PokéDex and keeps them friendly. For this you should have appropriate pot and the five ingredients in your camp and then either you wait until the meal is finished cooking (between two to five rounds) or if you are impatient and then use a couple of PS coupons to finish it immediately.

Depending on whether you want to attract a Pikachu, an Eevee or even a legendary Pokémon like Mew or Articuno, you have to collect different ingredients and put them into the cooking pot.

Of course, not every Pokémon likes the porridge you serve, so you should definitely pay attention to what you put into the pot. So there are several ingredients that each respond more strongly to certain types. Their properties are each desired in the recipes on the pot:

Apricorn - yellow, hard, small, plant

Balm mushroom - gray, mushroom, soft, valuable

Icy Rock - blue, hard, mineral, precious

Fossil - gray, hard, small, mineral

Big root - big, plant, red, soft, valuable

Honey - yellow, sweet, soft, valuable

Tiny mushroom - small, mushroom, red, soft

Bluk Berry - blue, small, sweet, soft

Rainbow Material - can replace any ingredient (except mystical shells)

Mystical Shells - Rare

Pokémon Quest, Cooking Recipes, Ingredients Guide

In the beginning pot you have five slots, in each of which 1x an ingredient fits. Later, you unlock pots that cook larger portions, so of course consume more ingredients, but also instantly attract stronger Pokémon, which are at a higher level.

The amount of ingredients is very unclearly described in the recipes, but in fact it is quite clear to understand. Mainly means that you need at least four of the required ingredients, many are at least 3x the ingredient described and for a few rich two servings.

Mulligan Stew a la Cube - Attract many low level Pokémon - Any ingredients

Red Stew a la Cube - Red Pokémon - Mainly red ingredients

Blue Soda a la Cube - Blue Pokémon - Mainly blue ingredients

Yellow Curry a la Cube - Yellow Pokémon - Mainly yellow ingredients

Grey Porridge a la Cube - Gray Pokémon - Mainly gray ingredients

Mouth-Watering Dip a la Cube - Water Pokémon - Mainly soft and many blue ingredients

Plain Crepe a la Cube - Normal Pokémon - Many sweet and a few gray ingredients

Sludge Soup a la Cube - Poison Pokémon - Mainly mushrooms and many soft ingredients

Mud Pie a la Cube - Ground Pokémon - Many soft ingredients and a few minerals

Veggie Smoothie a la Cube - Grass Pokemon - Mainly plants and a few soft ingredients

Watt a Risotta a la Cube - Electric Pokemon - Mainly sweet and many yellow ingredients

Brain Food a la Cube - Psychic Pokemon - Many sweet and a few hard ingredients

Stone Soup a la Cube - Rock pokemon - Mainly hard ingredients and a few minerals

Light-as-Air Casserole a la Cube - Flying Pokemon - Many minerals and a few plants

Hot Pot a la Cube - Fire Pokemon - Many mushrooms and a few red ingredients

Watt a Risotta a la Cube - Electric Pokémon - Mainly soft and many yellow ingredients

Get Swole Syrup a la Cube - Fighting Pokémon - Many sweet ingredients and a few mushrooms

Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube - Very rare, legendary Pokémon - Mainly mystical ingredients

In addition, the size of the cooking pot has an influence on which Pokémon sniff the dishes. In total there are four cooking pots that you can unlock by completing different areas:

Normal / Default cooking pot - Available from the beginning - 3x of each ingredient, Pokémon from level 1

Bronze pot - After completion of the area zigzag river - 10x each of each ingredient, Pokémon from level 16

Silver cooking pot - After completion of the area needle level - 15x of each ingredient, Pokémon from level 36

Gold cooking pot - After completion of the area edge cave 20x of each ingredient, Pokémon from level 70