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With the latest expansion to No Man's Sky you have the possibility to use portable refiner with the suitable raw materials and get refined ores and items. This is very essential for any sort of mission, because in part you can only get resources through the refiner that are essential to crafting.

Build and Use Portable Refiner

If you start a new game, you have to craft pure ferrite to leave your area. In return, you need the portable refiner that you have to cobble together. For this you need 50x ferrite to craft a metal plate.

Iron is rare material so go cheerfully across the planet's surface scanning and farming until you've got enough together. You also need 30x oxygen. Then you open the Build menu with Z on the PC or on top of the D-pad and select the mobile refiner. You can put them down almost anywhere and put them back into inventory as you move on.

There is no need for magic to use the portable refinery. Just interact with it as soon as you set it up and fill it with fuel . For this purpose, phosphorus, oxygen, Thamium-9, carbon or refined carbon is suitable. Then you can add the appropriate materials to the left and then to the right to see how long the procedure lasts .

Refiner Benefits, Material Guide, No Man's Sky, Next

Materials can be used in the portable refinery (So far we have been able to achieve the following results):

- Copper: Chromatic metal
- Cadmium: Chromatic metal
- Emeril: Chromatic metal
- Indium: Chromatic metal
- Cobalt: Ionized cobalt
- Carbon: compressed carbon
- Dihydrogen: dihydrogen jelly
- Ferrite dust: pure ferrite
- Pure ferrite: magnetised ferrite
- Aronium: Silver
- Silver: platinum
- Tritium: platinum