Survival Strategies: The Walking Dead Our World

The Walking Dead Our World can be somewhat difficult for beginners to understand its game mechanics. There are many icons and tasks waiting for you and not everyone understand what the game now wants from the player. So let's start with the available missions:

- Encounters: These missions are quite easy. You fight the zombies and get a card at the end. But if you see an encounter that is outlined in purple, a rare card beckons for you. But then the encounter is more difficult. You can only complete these epic encounters starting at player level.

- Rescue mission: Later we'll show you why the survivors are very important. But you should now know: Complete this mission as often as possible! You fight a few zombies and you don’t have time forever because the survivor can die too. First kill the zombies closest to the survivor. For in this mission, the undead will not first attack your companion, but the survivor.

- Infestation: Anyone who has played Pokémon GO understands the comparison: "infestation" missions are like arenas. You fight against zombies in at least 3 rounds. Depending on the color and number of the symbol on the map, these missions are relatively easy, but increase rapidly as the number increases. If you complete all the rounds, you will be rewarded with at least 4 cards at the end, one of which is always rare. You also get coins at the end and after each phase.

The Walking Dead, Our World, Mission Infestation
- Raiders Battle: With player level 6 you unlock the Raiders. Here are two teams of your heroes. But you can never choose the leader yourself. The following heroes can be team leaders: Rosita, Michonne, Rick, Sasha, Glen and the legendary Daryll.

The numbers next to the symbols show you how easy or difficult the missions are. In addition, the characters have different colors: yellow symbols indicate easy missions, while orange indicate a normal difficulty and red a hard difficulty.

Apart from the rescue missions, you should definitely pay attention to your companions. If they are overwhelmed, they are injured in the end and you have to heal them.

Improve Cards, Get Coins Fast and Save!

Coins are the most important currency in the game. At the beginning, this game rewards you with a lot. Save this money! We made the mistake and improved every card we received. But not all are important depending on the style of play.

- You will get special heroes like Michonne or Carol relatively quickly. Even if you have no idea about the characters in the series, be guided by the rarity of the card. If you have two or even three stars in the upper left, you should invest in them.

- Of course, the same applies to the benefits and weapons. Be sure to upgrade at least one type of weapon to be prepared for each zombie type.

- In the beginning, Dale's RV will increase the number of survivors. But that only applies if, for example, you pass some rescue missions on your way to school or work. We'll show you later what survivors care about.

- Abraham's Weapon Box is also important as it increases your grenade limit. Especially on difficult missions you have to fight with the grenades. Later you will get an advantage called Rosita’s Dynamite Bundle. This increases the damage with grenades.

- Also, increase your coin maximum with Morgan's emergency bag. Depending on the gameplay, you should only increase it to 2,000 to 3,000 coins. You won’t get any coin that goes beyond this limit.

- We advise against raising the sheriff's bag. With this you expand your energy limit. But as you go around, you will find enough supplies to give you energy. In addition, this limit is not too rigid. If you click on a box while your energy maximum is reached, you still get the energy credited.

- Stray Mike is not a good start either. Here you will get as good as no building material.

To get good cards, you should share an AR video with a friend once a day. You get rewards for it! Infestation missions are a great way to get coins. The advantage of these missions is that you only have to be close to the mission in the first phase. After that you can move away.

Build buildings and get better maps

If you complete the tasks diligently, it will inevitably happen at some point that you can place accommodations. Later, in the map view, just click on the backpack and then build. You can build a total of 4 different accommodations that will give you different bonuses if you bring survivors here.

Build the buildings best at junctions, where many people come by and also some rescue missions take place. This will increase the chance that more survivors will end up in your accommodation.

If you don’t build your own accommodation, for example because you lack the materials to do so, you should definitely pay attention to where you bring your collected survivors. The level will be displayed directly above the building. In addition, the symbol should tell you what kind of hut it is. The higher the level, the better the cards you receive as rewards. Bring survivors to a specific location over and over again to increase the level.

If you build an accommodation, you will be listed as founder from now on. The player who brings the most survivors into the building is the leader. Both positions get coins when the property reaches a new level.