The Crew 2: Make Money Fast and Get More Follower

In The Crew 2, there is an event, The Strip (South), at the beginning of the game that brings you over 15000 in-game currency and 2000 followers. You only need about two minutes for this event and if you drive over the finish line, you should collect your reward in the form of tuning parts.

This method works well at the beginning of your driver's career as the event only required a minimum of 80 horsepower car. Your first cars will easily be over 100. In this way you not only get a lot of money but also new followers and tuning parts and that can be repeated in just two minutes.

Later, you can complete the event on Hard difficulty and make more money and followers. For this you need a car at level 230 or higher. The race will then give you just under 20k bucks and over 2500 followers.

Note: If the even doesn’t show-up on your map, you can simply open the menu in the activities. Choose the category Street Racing and you will be listed in all disciplines and events.

If you have already completed a series of events and tune / upgrade your favorite car properly, we can recommend an alternative event in Miami as an alternative: The Accident. If you set the difficulty to "Hard", your car should have reached about level 230.

The Crew 2, Make Money Fast, Get More Follower

For a race that also costs you about two minutes, you'll get just under 28k bucks and over 3700 followers. You have to beat a time of one minute and 30 seconds, which should not be a problem with a powerful car.

You can also make extra Bucks with the random perks or extras of the tuning parts. These are easy to overlook, but should not be undervalued. In the menu, you select your active vehicle via "Vehicles". Under "Performance" you should equip now more blue and pink Tuning parts. They always have at least one or two perks.

One of these perks is called empire and increases the bucks gain in all disciplines by a fixed percentage. You recognize this on the Bucks icon with an arrow going up. The percentage is very small, but it is stackable if you install several such parts with the respective extras.

After the Star rank follows the Cult / Icon status and this will unlock another opportunity to earn more money and followers. In the menu under Driver you can distribute so-called cult points. They unlock as you continue to climb in the Icon rank. Each level-up gives you one point - so the system works similar to classic RPGs.

The icon points you should invest in the first two perks: rich and popular. These increase the profit on bucks and followers. You will receive more money for all actions and you will ascend faster. Each level upgrade also gives you 125k bucks and you don’t want to miss that bonus.

You can also farm more bucks, tuning parts and followers by teaming up with friends or strangers and form a crew. Most events are considered won when you reach at least third place.