The Crew 2: Level and Rank System, Achieve Icon Status

In The Crew 2, you can work your way up to icon / cult status! But to do that, you have to accumulate Followers and they are not great unlike experience points. If you have built up enough followers, then you will climb up in the level and get access to new events.

Followers as experience points

To climb up in rank you must win followers by simply taking part in the events offered by The Crew 2. These include: Main story events, testing and side activities

To achieve the highest rank, you can also repeat this as often as you like.

There are five status levels in The Crew 2:

- Beginner (Anonymous)
- Popular
- Famous
- Star
- Icon (Cult)

Each climb unlocks new activities and disciplines:

Followers Evaluation:


Street Race
Drag Race
Hyper Car

Off Road

Rally Raid
Motor Cross
Rally Cross

The Crew 2, Level and Ranking System, Achieve Icon Status

Free Style

Jet Sprint
Monster Truck

Pro Racing

Touring Car
Air Race
Grand Prix

The icon status is not over yet

Even after reaching icon status, you can still climb up the level. From this rank begins a kind of prestige system in which you can play from icon 1 to icon 9999 and unlock rewards at regular intervals:

- Every tenth level brings you performance improvements for your vehicles
- Every hundredth level rewards you with a free vehicle (up to level 600, so a total of six vehicles, including an exclusive)