The Forest Cheats and Console Commands

The Forest allows you to use cheats and console commands. To activate a cheat you only need to type the corresponding cheat code in the main menu and after entering the cheat the logo of the game changes. To activate the console, you have to type developermodeon in the main menu. Then you can open the console with F1. After entering the command you execute it with Enter. If the console does not appear, you should check in the game settings whether the input of cheats is activated.

Cheat Codes

ironforest - Buildings become indestructible.
meatmode - This disables all cheats entered.
rawmeatmode - Enables permadeath mode. If you die, the score will be deleted.
regrowmode - 10% of all felled trees grow overnight, if the stump is still present.
veganmode - Enemies appear only in caves.
vegetarianmode - Enemies appear only at night.
woodpaste - Resets holes in floors and roofs.

Console Commands

buildermode on / off - Enemies are deactivated. Godmode and creative mode are activated.
cavelight on / off - Brightness in caves is increased.
faststart on / off - Air crash is skipped.
godmode on / off - Godmode is activated.
buildhack on / off - Creative mode is activated. You can build freely and have unlimited resources available.
buildallghosts - Each blueprint is completed.
cancelallghosts - Every blueprint is removed.

addallitems - All items are added to your inventory (except story items).
addallstoryitems - All story items will be added to your inventory.
itemhack on / off - Itemhack is activated. You will never run out of inventory items.
survival on / off - Survival hack is activated. You do not have to eat and drink anymore.
Save - The game is saved - no matter where you are.
speedyrun on / off - Your running speed is increased.
invisible on / off- You become invisible and you can also run underwater.
killallenemies - All enemies are killed - but they respawn.
enemies on / off - Enemies are deactivated.
forcerain heavy - Changes the weather in heavy rain.
forcerain sunny - Change the weather in a sunny day.
cutdowntrees X - "X" trees are felled. Enter any number for "X". Alternatively, you can also enter "X%".
cutgrass X - The grass is removed in a radius of "X". Enter any number for "X".