All Flaming Hoop Locations in Fortnite Season 5 Week 4

The Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 Week 4 challenges bring Flaming Hoop into play and your task is to locate them and jump through with a shopping cart.

During our gameplay we have found some and of course you need a cart so that you can jump through these Flaming Hoops.

You can find plenty of shopping carts easily if you go in search of the gas station, soccer field, and stunt mountain. Build up and grab one. There you can jump right through hoops. Otherwise, you should usually be able to find a shopping here:

- In designated places, where there are shops, you should always be able to find a shopping cart. Provided that it has not been grabbed by someone else.

- Examples: Retail Row, Tomato Town, Pleasant Park and Greasy Grove. Of course, you will also occasionally find a shopping cart in unnamed places.

- If you'd rather use a cart, look on the outer edges of the Fortnite Battle Royale map. Examples: Lazy Links, Junk Junction, Snobby Shores, Flush Factory and distributed throughout Paradise Palms.

The following pictures show you the locations of Flaming Hoops.

Snobby Shores Flaming Hoop:

If you land directly in Snobby, head to the bottom house on the map. That's the hidden bunker behind the wooden cabinet. If you walk eastward from the house, you will find the hoop at the edge of the hill.

Flaming Hoop Location, Snobby Shores, Fortnite BR, Season 5, Week 4

Lazy Links # 1:

In the west of Lazy Links you will find a hoop that looks like an umbrella. The ramp is placed so that you can jump directly over the "handle" of the umbrella with the shopping cart.

Flaming Hoop Location, Lazy Link, Fortnite BR, Season 5, Week 4

Lazy Links:

Further south of Lazy Links is a hill on which an ice cream truck stands. This ramp is placed so that you have to jump over the ice cream truck to get through the Flaming Hoop.

Flaming Hoop Location, Lazy Links 2, Fortnite BR, Season 5, Week 4

Flaming Hoop located between Snobby Pleasant and Tilted:

When you've completed the search between gas station, football field and stunt mountain , then go to the stunt mountain. There you will find quite a lot of Flaming Hoops and especially many shopping carts.

Snobby Pleasant, Tilted, Flaming Hoop Locations, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 4

Tomato Town:

You'll find a tunnel in the south of Tomato Town. The next Flaming Hoop is already waiting for you on the mountain above the tunnel. Look for the metal entrance to the tunnel. Attention, in this case it is not a wooden Flaming Hoop, so keep your eyes open.

Flaming Hoop Location, Tomato Town, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 4

Paradise Palms # 1:

In the desert you will find three Flaming Hoops that you can jump over. This one is located in the northwest of Paradise Palms. Near the ruined bridge.

 Flaming Hoop Location, Paradise Palms, Fortnite BR, Season 5, Week 4

Paradise Palms # 2:

The next Flaming Hoop of the desert is located east of Paradise Palms. Don't be afraid to die, because if you use this ski jump properly, you will not end up in the water and lose, but in a teleportation hole and you can continue.

 Flaming Hoop Location, Paradise Palms # 2, Fortnite BR, Season 5, Week 4

Paradise Palms # 3:

The third Flaming Hoop in the area can be found at the bottom of the desert. If you follow the road south from Paradise Palms, you will pass the dinosaurs and you will already see the Flaming Hoop on a hill.

 Flaming Hoop Location, Paradise Palms # 3, Fortnite BR, Season 5, Week 4