Battle Star Location: Fortnite Season 5 Week 6

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 5 week 6 Challenges are here and this time you have to complete a new tricky challenge, Search Where the Stone Heads are Looking, to get to the new secret Battle Star.

There are seven stone heads are there to be found. First, you have to locate all stone heads and see the directions of their looking.

The following list gives you the locations of all Stone Heads

- In the southeast of Junk Junction you will find one of the stone heads.

- The nearest one is north of Tomato Town.

- Another stone head can be found in the northwest of Dusty Divot.

Stone Heads, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 6

- The fourth one located towers high on the hill to the west of Lonely Lodge.

- There is another stone head in North of Greasy Grove.
- Lucky Landing also has a stone head located west of the village.

- The last of the stone head is near the place they are all looking at and has a very good view of the star.

Battle Star, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 6

Below map shows you the exact locations of all stone heads:

Stone Head Locations, Map, Fortnite, Season 5, Week 6