Fortnite Timed Trials: all Stopwatch Locations

Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 5 Week 6 challenges are now live and one these tasks require you to find five Timed Trials. We have already tested this challenge and found seven stopwatches.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all these clocks to complete the Timed Trials challenge.

You'll easily recognize a timed trail by the fact that a blue, transparent watch is floating in the air. You need to get to and interact with this clock to start the time Trial. Then you'll hear a sound that probably motivates you to go and collect all the other watches.

The timed trials are well distributed on the map, so you're unlikely to find all five in a round. So check out below pictures to find out exact location of all the timed trials.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map

Find Battle Star in Snobby Shores Fortnite Season 5 Week 5

Junk Junction:

The first time check can be found near Junk Junction. There is now a stone head where once the big football stadium was, and a clock is waiting next to it. 

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Junk Junction

Tomato Town:

Another stop watch is located at the river northwest of Tomato Town. Look for it on the bank of the river.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Tomato Town

Between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields

In the desert area, between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields there is a waterfall that you can see very well from the top. It springs from the lake in an oasis. At the foot of the waterfall, the next timed trials is waiting for you.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Paradise Palms, Fatal Fields

Lonely Lodge:

Lonely Lodge is also worth a visit for this challenge, because on the roof of the big hut is a watch waiting to be activated by you.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Lonely Lodge

Retail Row:

In the middle of Retail Row you can complete the next time check. The watch is located between two trees, on the side of Retail, where the shops are. 

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Retail Row

Between Tilted Towers and Shifty Shafts 

Southeast of Tilted Towers and northeast of Shifty Shafts there is a bend in the river and there is a heap of rocks. Above these stones the next watch hangs in the air.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts

Snobby Shores :

A watch can be found in the Snobby Shores, where a timed trails can also be completed. Look for the clock at the first house in the south and start collecting.

Fortnite, Timed Trials, Stopwatch Locations Map, Snobby Shores

- After interacting with the clock, the timed trials starts.

- You can try it as many times as you like or as long as no one kills you.

- The first time you might not see all the watches you need to collect for the timed trials.

- Just look at the objects and think about the exact route you need to go to collect them easily.

- If necessary, supply you with materials if you need to build, and on some of these weekly challenges you will have to do it.

- If building is required then you can start the time check, then look at the placements of the clocks and plan how to build your ramps. Then start the trials again and run the buildings only while you collect the watches.

- It may also happen that you can complete a timed trial with the shopping cart. Not always you have to build and the time is sometimes very tight.