Get Gold Medal in All Movie Pitches: Far Cry 5 DLZ

Dead Living Zombies (DLZ) is the latest expansion for Far Cry 5 that reveals the story of the world renowned moviemaker Guy Marvel. In this update you have given a task to play through seven glorious movie pitches, completing each will bring you three stars and also earn you a Gold Medal.

In order to complete your tasks, there are a few things that you have to consider in each film pitch. Since they have different time limits, the total score you'll have to earn to get gold will change:

Fields of Terror – 25000 - 8 minutes
Burned Bridges - 40000 - 12 minutes
Undying Love – 32000 - 10 minutes
Escape from the Rooftop - 36000 - 8 minutes
Killer Climate - 32.000 - 10 minutes
The Fast & the Fiendish – 35000 - 10 minutes
Laboratory of the Dead - 56.000 - 12 minutes

Here, there are a few tactics that you can use to save time and earn points on your account. Of course, this includes headshots, so equip yourself with appropriate weapons. Combine the headshots best with kills on hotheads, these you can do anyway only with a head-hit. But before that, you should score a few body-hits, because these give around 100 points and since a headshot is an Instant-Kill, you will expand your account.

Get Gold Medal, Movie Pitches: Far Cry 5, DLZ, Dead Living Zombies

Be sure to work as fast as you can, because any time you have left will also be credited to you in the form of points. It is therefore advisable to play through a level once or twice in order to determine the best possible method before things get done. Plus, with one-star and two-star ratings, you'll get instant recharge and instant health boosters to use if you want to get the gold medal.

You’ll face three toughest bosses in Level 4, but you can do a lot of damage by using grenade launcher. Focus your shoot on one of the bosses, because as soon as he died and his cronies are close enough, he takes them with you and you save a lengthy fight. In order for the three to get a lot of damage at the beginning, you should collect the approach mine relatively at the beginning of the level. The bosses spawn in an elevator whose door opens just before the end. Once this happens, you can place the mine in it. If they then spawn, they'll go up before they can step out.

Especially in level 7 - you can always pull yourself into a corridor if you think there are too many zombies attack in a row, which definitely makes it easier to aim and kill.

By finishing on three stars you unlock not only the trophy, but also you’ll be able to unlock new outfits.