FIFA 19 Ultimate Team New Features, Guide and FUT Tips

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team (FUT) is the biggest game mode in the latest football simulation from EA. Although the changes in Pro Club and Career mode were minimal, the developer has come up with many new features for FUT 19. To find out what's new in the latest FUT mode, please continue reading our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team guide and tips below:

The Ultimate Team mode offers you matches in online and offline modes and also you have the opportunity to earn coins.

Squad Battles

The Squad Battles was introduced in the previous installment and is the most profitable single player mode. In SB, you play against other FUT teams, but these are controlled by the CPU.

SB Schedule: A contest lasts for a week, starting and ending Monday at 2 am. You can play up to 45 matches each week.

SB Rewards: The harder your opponent was and the better you played, the more points you get. This will give you the dynamic leaderboard and get your rewards for the previous week Monday night.

Division Rivals

The Division Rivals is a brand new mode in FUT 19, replacing the online seasons and the Daily Knockout tournament. You only play online against real opponents for prizes and the FUT Champions qualification.

Schedule: This mode also runs for a week, the start and the end are on Thursday at 8 am, one day before the Weekend League begins.

Rewards: In the end, you'll reach a rank of 1-5, where you can pick one of three rewards. You play in a division of 1 to 10 and get better prizes.

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FUT Champions Weekend League (WL)

The WL in FIFA 19 has some changes. Qualification is via the Rivals division and the number of games per weekend has been changed to 30 for all platforms.

Schedule: WL starts on Friday at 8 am and ends three days later, on Monday at 8am. FUT Champions games automatically count as Division Rivals games as well.

Rewards: The reward system remains the same, you can reach a rank from Bronze 3 to Top 100 and get the prizes on Thursday night, around 7 pm.

Online and offline FUT Draft

The FUT Draft, in both the single player and the multiplayer feature, will also be in FUT 19. There are no changes to FIFA 18.

This is how the FUT Draft 19 works: You are given five players for each position in your team, of which you may choose one. In the end you can change the cards so that you achieve an optimal combination of chemistry and player strength. After that you play up to four games, but the prices are better with the online draft than with the offline draft.

Costs: The price for a round draft is 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points.

Other game modes in FIFA 19

In addition to the four major game modes, there are several other ways to play games. These are less profitable and are used less often.

- Single player seasons
- Online single player
- Friendly seasons
- Games against the "Team of the Week"
- Play against a friend's team

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

The SBCs Challenges are a time consuming but sometimes very profitable way to make coins. The main feature is that you mainly get sets that you can use to make a profit.

This is how SBCs work: In principle, you trade up to eleven player cards that you no longer need. But there are a lot of restrictions and conditions. For example, a minimum overall rating, a certain team chemistry or only players from one nation. The harder the SBC, the better the price.

These SBCs are always there: Challenges are already available from the beginning, which you can complete immediately, but sometimes only once. It refers to:

- Let's Keep Going, Let’s Get Started, League / Nation Basics, and Let’s Move Forward, which are all simple, and priced small.

- Hybrid Nations, League / Nations Hybrid and Hybrid Leagues which are advanced, sometimes heavier and bring good rewards.

- The Bronze, Silver and Gold upgrades are also available year round, but unlike the others, they can be completed as often as you like.

These SBCs come regularly: some challenges come every week or every month and can then be completed once. These are for example:

- The top games: Every Tuesday at 19 clock four high-class football games appear as SBC. If you close these, you can expect valuable rewards.

- Player of the Month: Once a month, the Premier League is named Player of the Month (POTM). Every month in FUT, an SBC appears, in which you can get a special card from this player.

- Icon SBC: Every few weeks comes new Prime Icon SBCs, where you have to hand over a lot of valuable cards to name a specific legend. All the icons in FIFA 19 can be found here.

These SBCs are irregular: For certain events always appear their own challenges. These can sometimes be predicted, but mostly they come as a surprise. Examples of event SBCs are the FUTMAS time or the "Team of the Year".