Increase FPS to Run SCUM Faster and Smoother

SCUM is a zombie apocalypse survival video game from the developer Gamepires, and it is currently available on Steam. Since the game is still in early access phase, many players are experiencing some technical issues. In this guide, we will tackle the most common SCUM Frame Rate problems.

- Fix Low FPS, Stuttering, Lags and Frame Rate Drops

Until the developers release a patch to fix these errors, here are some methods for you to increase the FPS and run the SCUM smoothly on your PC.

Quick Tips for fast FPS improvements

Before we make any changes to config files, we'll give you some tips on getting some FPS improvement. At this point we assume that you have updated all your drivers.

Disable the Steam Overlay: open the Steam settings and then select the In game tab. Turn Off the Steam Overlay in SCUM now.

Of course, you should also use the graphics settings of the game and downscale SCUM if the game stutters with you. If you want to see quick success, then you should preset the graphics. If you lower the texture quality, the dynamic shadow quality and the visibility, this can also do a lot. However, some options are not displayed in the in-game settings, so we need to change the SCUM config file in the next section.

Lure FPS and turn off Field Depth in the config file

First, we need to find the config file so that we can change it. This goes in several ways - and of course depends on your Windows version. We were only able to test the options in Windows 10.

- Right next to the Windows Start logo you can do a text search. Enter% appdata% here. As soon as the folder opens, you can go back to the folder in front of it. From here on you can now do the following in the folder structure: Local, SCUM, Saved, Config, WindowsNoEditor .

Increase FPS, Run SCUM Faster, Fix Lags

- Just go to the folder manually by opening the explorer and then go to the hard drive where you have SCUM installed. Then Users, , AppData, Local, SCUM, Saved, Config, WindowsNoEditor . 

- If you can not see the% appdata% folder, just click on View in Explorer and tick Hidden Items.

- At the end you have to open the file GameUserSettings . You can do this either with the standard editor or with additional programs like Notepad ++ or Atom.

- In this file you can make two important changes:

- Search for the line r.DepthOfFieldQuality and change the number to a 0. That requires the visibility of you in the game. A 0 turns off the blur effect you can see in the distance. That saves FPS.

- Under FrameRateLimit you can limit the FPS. If you have a 60-Hz monitor, then you should stick with "60". But if you have a powerful PC, then you can enter "999", so there should be no limit. 

If you change the graphics settings in the game, it can happen that these values are reset. If these values don’t exist in the file, you need to open SCUM, then go to the settings and modify graphics presets, then apply and then return to your preferred version. If you now open the GameUserSettings, all available graphics options should be listed. 

Customize Steam Start Options and Improve FPS

Next, let's look at the launch options on Steam. Here you can enter manual values that will take effect as soon as you start SCUM. Right click on SCUM in your library and go to the settings. Directly under the General tab you will find the button set start options.... click on it. Enter here now:

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES - heapsize should be: "ZAHL"

The first value tells SCUM to use all the cores on your PC. With the second, the game uses all the memory you have available. Under NUMBER you enter the one you find behind your RAM: 4 GB: 2097152, 5 GB: 2621440, 6 GB: 3145728, 7 GB: 3670016, 
8 GB: 4194304 and 16 GB: 6291456 

For some players, it also helped to set the following startup options:

-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -malloc=system +mat_antialias 0

Here you can now put the Heapsize command behind it. Just remember that every command has to be separated with a space. If something does not work, just delete the entire text from the bar. 

Further settings for a smoother SCUM play

First you have to search the locally created files of SCUM. Steam makes it easy for you and helps you with it. With a right click on SCUM in the library you can select the properties. Under the tab Local Files click on Browse Local Files .... in the following folder: steamapps> common> SCUM. In the folder you will find a file called SCUM_Launcher.exe . 

With a right click on it you can open the settings. In the Compatibility tab, look for the option "Override behavior in DPI scaling. Scaling done by: "and hook it up. Also disables fullscreen optimization.

Accept the settings and open the following folder path: steamapps> common> SCUM> SCUM> Binaries> Win64. Here you should find the file SCUM.exe. Open the settings with a right-click and repeat the steps you have already set for the launcher.