Shifty Shafts Battle Star Location: Fortnite Week 9

With Season 5 Week 9, the Fortnite: Battle Royale weekly challenges continue and on again: Follow the treasure map to collect the battle star. In this week, in addition to the stone heads, you should look for the treasure map in Shifty Shafts.

The following map shows you a mountain on which three trees stand. The Red Cross marks the location of the treasure, which is located north of Salty Springs.

As you can see from the Shifty Shafts treasure map, you have to land at the very top of the first hill. The following map shows you the location of the treasure in week 9:

The battle star on the hill shows you where to collect the treasure. On the bottom left we show you a map of the site, which is located in the north of Salty Springs. In no time you should have found the treasure of Shifty Shafts.

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