Two Point Hospital: Improve Productivity and Cash Flow

In Two Point Hospital, your task is to build your dream hospital and take control of your business to increase profitability. For that you have to take care of few things such as marketing, education, research, attractiveness, satisfaction and above all productive of your hospital staff.

If you start with a new hospital, you have to be quick and build efficiently, so that more rooms in a building have space. After you establish your business and stat making money, you can move rooms by simply clicking on one and dragging the room to another location.

It is important to place the following rooms first:

- Reception
- Toilet
- Break (Rest) room
- General medicine
- Pharmacy

Later there will be a research and a further education room. Both rooms are also extremely important, as you should start research and education as early as possible.

If you don’t have a rest room, then place a bank in your hospital and think about the various vending machines. Your staff will use them and sit on the bench.

If you're wondering when to finally go further education, research and marketing, it all comes bit by bit. The training room will be available to you in the third hospital / level called Flottering. If you have run this building well and earn stars, you may travel on and do research at Mitton University.

Two Point Hospital, Improve Productivity, Cash Flow Profit

The attractiveness of your hospital is important. Place some beautiful flowers and posters that you unlock gradually with Kudosh. Don’t forget the vending machines. They bring you extra money as soon as the patients buy drinks or snacks.

Place benches and vending machines directly on the walls of the rooms. So while waiting your patients spend money and above all, sit down and relax. With greater comfort and attractiveness, patients don’t bother you so long.

If you hover over a plant (this also works with heaters and other objects), you will be presented with the great attraction ad. Find the spots where the ground is not green and place a flower, poster or other decorative object.

Remember also that you can stop if only women, only men, only staff or only patients can go to the different toilets. So you determine the fluctuation of the toilet.

As I said, at the beginning of a new hospital you have to build fast. Thereafter, more and more new diseases are diagnosed and you are allowed to build more rooms. In the course of a lap, the speed decreases. Then you should build wisely and increase number of patients.

More patients, more reputation and more money

If you have money problems, you have to "simply" increase your number of patients. You can do that by increasing the reputation and the hospital level. The former increases relatively quickly if you run marketing or let many media people or competitors visit your hallowed halls.

However, you can increase your reputation (but only slowly) by satisfying employee inquiries or by spontaneous actions. Heal your patients in x days. But beware! If you can not do the latter, then refuse such a task, if your hospital is not up to it.

The hospital level increases as soon as you build more rooms and hire more staff. So if your hospital is growing, it will also do your stage. And wherever we are with staff: training is important. So that you don’t unnecessarily spend money here, look at the circles around the asterisks. If the circle is full soon, the employee can be promoted and thus gets a training place.

Although you pay more, the more people are involved in a course, but you have to pay the basic fee only once.

You can also change how many doctors, sisters, etc. can take a break at the same time. We recommend that you keep the number as low as possible and then manually send employees to the break. So you always have something to do and you can better respond to sudden events.

But you should not only keep an eye on your staff - the patients must feel well too. If you hover over a room with your mouse, numbers are displayed above the heads of the patients. So you see how many people have to wait. If there are too many, you should still build such a room. Your assistant will certainly point that out to you - several times even.

If you click on the door of a room, you can adjust the queue. If a patient is about to die, you can also click on him and then place him in the queue ahead.