AC Odyssey: Romanceable NPCs and their Locations Guide

During our Assassin's Creed Odyssey gameplay we have gone in search of all available romances in the game and below you’ll find the complete list of all available NPCs for a love affair.

It is important that you don’t pick a specific gender when selecting your character. No matter if Alexios or Kassandra, there is romance for everyone in Greece and you will not miss any of the love relation.

For the Aphrodite's Embrace Trophy, you just have to complete a single romance. So if you find some of the NPCs are not attractive or attractive in any other way, you can avoid the visit. But as they often provide you with a side mission and some cool rewards, you can at least take them with you.

The following list gives you all the Romanceable NPCs and their locations in Assassin's Creed Odyssey:

- Kosta: Visit the blacksmith when you're in Lokris. He has a side quest for you and you should complete it if you want to get closer to Kosta.

- Kyra: Play the main story until you meet Kyra and Thaletas during the quest "Trouble in Paradise". Follow her mission until she seeks adventure with you.

- Lykaon: After you have completed the main quest "Memories Awaken" You'll encounter Lykaon in Phokis.

- Mikkos: You'll find him in his house in the Green City on the island of Lemnos in the northeast of the world map

Aikaterine, Romanceable NPCs, Assassin's Creed Odyssey
- Aikaterine: In chapter 8 you meet Aikaterine and you have to kill someone for her. Then you can start the romance.

- Alkibiades: You’ll automatically encounter this NPC in the main quest

- Auxesia: You can find her in the north of the Temple of Apollo. Talk to her and complete the side mission for her.

- Daphnae: You will find the daughter of Artemis at the Temple of Artemis.

- Diona: If you are in Kythera Island, then you will find her there, in the north of the Skandeia Bay.

- Odessa: You meet Odessa in Kephalonia and have to free her from prison. Once again you can find this romance on a farm near Megara.

- Roxana: If you have completed the main mission "The Big Break", you can meet Roxana on the Hydrea Island (in the east of Lakonia).

- Thaletas: You have to play the main story until you find Thaletas and Kyra during the side quest Trouble in Paradise.

- Xenia: You’ll meet this warrior during the main mission. Then dedicate yourselves to her quest series and then she is ready to enter into a romance with you.

- Zopheras: In Chapter 7 you will reach the Krypteia training grounds. Here you must complete the side quest Training Days", then Brothers In Arms" and then Not My Mother's Daughter.