Animal Hunting Perfect Skins Guide: Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you need perfect animal pelt, fur or skin to make certain outfits. So if you want to improve your wardrobe with beautiful clothes, then you need the perfect skins.

To get perfect furs or skins in RDR 2 you need to find and hunt down animals, weapon selection is crucial here. Sure, if you hit a small rabbit with a shotgun, the fur will be perforated. This is only possible for a summer collection.

At the beginning of RDR2, you’ll get a bow, for this you can make certain arrow types that are more suitable for some animals. Incidentally, for a perfect quality skin you should kill the animal with a single hit if possible.

In RDR 2 you’ll meet all sorts of animals. If you want to make good money, you need to get perfect skins through a successful hunt.

In order to get perfect animal skins, you have to pay attention to the following points.

First you have to search and pick the Right Animal: All animals in the game have quality ratings. This becomes visible as soon as you have sighted and examined an animal. To focus on a wild animal, hold down L2 / LT. Then the button "study" appears. Now hold R1 or RB to examine the animal. Once the process is completed, you can view the info. You can also use binoculars and the riflescope to study the animals.
Animal Hunting, Perfect Skins Guide, Red Dead Redemption 2, RDR 2As soon as you want to kill bigger animals you can do it on horseback. This increases the chance of high-quality skins. Especially you can catch up with bison or elk by using the lasso from your horse. Then you do the animal with the knife and thus obtain the fur of the animals. Logically, this does not work for smaller animals; for a bear or an alligator we would not recommend this option. At any rate, you save a lot of ammunition with the Lasso method. A silent hunt does not work that way either.

Pick the right weapon to kill animals in RDR 2

The ammunition is made at the campfire with appropriate components. In the following overview we show you the optimal weapon choice to achieve critical and most deadly encounters with animals in RDR 2.

- Small: Bow (small game arrows)
- Moderate: Varmint Rifle
- Medium: Bow (normal arrows), repeating rifle (except explosive bullets)
- Large: Bow (poison arrows), rifle (except explosive bullets)
- Massive: Bow (improved arrows), sniper rifle (except explosive bullets)

If you use other weapons or types of ammunition, you risk damaging your skins while hunting in RDR2. If you have your Dead Eye at level 5, the fatal and critical hit zones will be displayed on the animals. Use this possibility later to get high-quality skins.