Best Ending Choices, Decision and Answers: AC Odyssey

In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you have a chance to experience several endings and the best or true ending is one of those endings where you meet all the family members (Myrinne, Deimos, Nikolaus, Kassandra or Alexios and Stentor) at the table. For this you have to make various decisions and choices as you progress in the game. In order to unlock the best ending you have to do the followings

- Spare Nikolaos: At the end of Chapter 2, during the quest Wolf of Sparta you get a chance to kill Nikolaos. Decide against it by choosing the answer option "I’ve come to get answers".

- Promise Myrrine that you’ll try to free Deimos: You must promise Myrrine in Chapter 6 that you will try to save Deimos from the cult. In Chapter 7, during the quest "A Bloody Feast," you promise it again with the answer, "I’ll bring Deimos back"

- If you meet Nikolaos in Chapter 7, during the quest "The Last Fight of Aristalos" then in the conversation choose the answers, "I'm glad you're helping," and then "Go to him."

- Spare Stentor in Chapter 7: Always choose diplomatic answers during the conversation and avoid verbal combat.

Best Ending Choices, Decision, Answers, AC Odyssey

- Don’t kill Deimos: Whenever you speak Deimos, you must behave diplomatically and responsibly. Avoid answers that might cause quarrels. If you are at the end of chapter 7 and finish the battle of Pylos, you have to select answer Wait!. This is the place where a tree fell on Deimos. Then, when you reach at Chapter 9, during the Where it all began quest, decide fight against Deimos.

Best Ending Choices, Family, Diner Table, Decision, Answers, AC Odyssey

- Convinced Deimos that the cult is manipulating: Again and again you will be talking to Deimos and you must always use the opportunity and the answer option that convinces him to turn against the cult. But these talks are not really crucial. Particularly important for this is the conversation in Chapter 8, during the quest "Athenian Curtains". You have to choose the following answers: "We did not abandon you", "I wanted to save you" and "I was thrown down too". Deimos then distanced himself from Kleon, then you have managed to win him over for you.

If you have made the above decisions, then you’ll be able to save the entire family and see them eating at your table.