Corrupted Area Locations Map: Fortnite Season 6 Week 2

Fortnite Battle Royal Season 6 Week 2 challenges are now live, and one of these tasks requires you to locate seven corrupted areas. In the corrupted areas you’ll also find some Shadowstones and successfully completion of this challenge will bring you some additional experience points. (Please note that this challenge is available only to battle pass holders)

To complete this challenge you have to visit 7 locations and in Fortnite BR map you’ll find exactly 7 of them. Not only you recognize them on the map on the dark floor but also, when you jump you see purple areas that carry the runes of the giant cube.

If you have problems with finding the 7th area, this one is located just below the huge floating island.

Simultaneously with the task "Visit all 7 Corrupted Areas" you have to use 3 Shadowstones in different matches. But that's fine because you can find them in the corrupted areas.

Corrupted Area Locations, Map, Fortnite, Season 6, Week 2

If you want to escape quickly or reach the inside of the storm, you can use the rune trampoline and ice traps that came into play with the last update.

Streetlight Spotlight Lamp Locations: Fortnite Season 6

Corrupted Area Locations, Map, Fortnite, Season 6, Week 2

So if you see an opponent build a castle again and you just don’t want to build, you can disappear quickly and get to safety quickly. But also individually the icebreaker brings a lot and can save you in many situations.