Find Gargoyles and Dance Locations Map: Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royal has just received a major update that brings a new challenge called Fortnitemares. It is a Halloween themed event where the players require dancing in front of various gargoyles.

There are a total of eight gargoyles were distributed across the Fortnite map but only five of them are required to complete this challenge, and when you get close to them you’ll hear a creepy music.

- The first one is located in the Haunted Hills: Go to the basement of the haunted castle. It's best to go straight to the middle where the statue stands and hit the ground there.

Gargoyles Location, Fortnite BR, Haunted Hills

- The second one you’ll find west of Lazy Links: The gargoyle is located near the golf courses. Go down into the mountain, dismantle the wall behind the stop sign and hop behind the stones. Only then can you dance in front of the gargoyle.

Gargoyles, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR, Lazy Links

- The third one is located Between Risky Reels and Wailing Woods: The gargoyle joins the Teddy and the Scarecrow to the east of Risky Reels and to the north of Wailing Woods. The Gargoyle takes its place in the circle of chairs.

Gargoyles, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR, Risky Reels

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- The fourth gargoyle is situated in the Tomato Temple: Go to the bottom level of the area. There you will find a small rectangle of stones in which stands the stone statue.

Gargoyles, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR, Tomato Temple

- Next one is located in the Retail Row: Go to the Halloween shop in the west of Retail Row. In it you will find funny garish stuff as well as a gargoyle. This hides between two shelves left behind the inflatable witch.

Gargoyles, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR, Retail Row

- Viking Village: Visit the northernmost cabin in Viking Village and look for it in the back of the room. The gargoyle hangs over the wooden table behind which a chest spawns from time to time.

Gargoyles, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR, Viking Village

- Tilted Towers: Next gargoyle you’ll find near Tilted Towers on a small mountain

 Gargoyles, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR, Tilted Towers

- The last one is located in the Flush Factory: North of Flush Factory you climb the big mountain. The gargoyle is clearly visible on the toilet in front of the big stone at the top of the mountain. The lantern on the wooden pole shows you the way.

Gargoyles, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR, Flush Factory

Gargoyles Location Map, Dance Locations, Fortnite BR