Flaming Hoop Locations Map: Fortnite Season 6 Week 5

Yet another Fortnite Battle Royal Season 6 Week 5 challenges requires you to locate and jump through 5 Flaming Hoops.

The Flaming Hoops locations are quite difficult to reach. So build ramps through them so you can drive through the vehicles. The hoop you find to the east of Paradise Palms is a perfect starting point because there are a lot of Quad Crashers around there. These vehicles can even destroy enemy buildings. So you can remove some opponents off their ramps.

Often you will not find a ramp in the hoops. In these places you have to build your own. Remember that you have time to complete this task until December 6th. Especially at the flaming you will want to shoot down many enemies and camp at these locations.

You can find these hoops very fast as their flames radiate many miles. If you cannot find a hoop, just stand on a high mountain and look for them.

Radar Sign Locations Map: Fortnite Season 6 Week 5

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