How Black Ops 4: Black Market Works on PC

The PC and the Xbox One players are finally getting the Black Ops 4: Black Market feature. PS4 players have been able to enjoy this feature since last week. Even today, players can start hunting for various cosmetic items.

The BO Black Market is a kind of in-game store, where the content is acquired through increasing game progress in multiplayer or blackout and not with in-game currency or real money. This feature is best compared to CoD: BO 4 with Fortnite's Battle Pass.

The contents are all cosmetic in nature and include special thematic-inspired tags, gestures, character outfits, business cards, stickers, new blackout characters or signature weapons available exclusively through the black market.

The black market is the core of the so-called supply stream progression. With this system, Black Ops 4 is to be regularly supplied with new content - similar to the Seasons in Fortnite.

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The individual seasons in BO4 are called seasonal operations. They have limited time duration and can contain several individual streams. The streams are a specific topic or motto. Even time-limited events can receive their own streams.
The black market feature icon is located on the right edge of the screen in the main menu right next to the selection of game modes.