Tactics to Defeat Cyclops, Stink Eye Guide: AC Odyssey

In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the Cyclops is a boss that you’ll encounter in Kythera Island there you’ll also find a quest titled One God Among Men.

In Kythera, you’ll meet a civilian who tells you about his god and asks you to free Empedokles. To complete his request you must head to the Murex Fort. There either you kill all opponents and free the man or you go unseen and free Empedokles. Then talk to the man afterwards.

Empedokles asks you to get his clothes back as it hides a key to Olympus. Use Icarus to search the men on the hill and grab the purple clad man to take the key from him.

Now follow Empedokles to meet the god. The journey takes you to the Isle of Thisvi. Enter the cave, hear the sounds coming from the gap, and use the disk to enter the arena where you’ll find Cyclops.

- The Cyclops is not the most difficult boss to defeat in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. He sits on top of you when you're too close to him for too long. So pay attention to his movements and as soon as you realize that the he wants to sit down, you have to get away from him quickly.

- You also have to dodge if he hits you with his arms. If you are unlucky, he can grab you and throw you back and forth. So stay alert and use your melee attacks, great care and concentration is required.

Cyclops, Empedokles, Stink Eye Guide, AC Odyssey

- Another attack of the Cyclops is to stamp your feet until stones fall from the ceiling and if you don’t pay attention here and dodge in time, they will fall on your head. Where the lumps will land will be recognized by the fine sand that trickles down from the ceiling. Weapons with additional Fire damage are useful here, and yes, you can also hit him with melee attacks. However, we recommend that you first shoot at its obvious weak spot - its eye. As soon as he breaks down and crouches on his knee on the ground, you run and hit him as hard as you can.

- If you have destroyed part of the cyclopean health bar, then he will build a club from a piece of wall and thus increase the range of his arm swings. However, it is much more dangerous if he raises the club with two hands and lets them go down. Try to escape from the area as this hit lets rocks fall from the ceiling, which you have to dodge again.

- Towards the end of Cyclops spin more and more and stones are falling continuously from the ceiling. Watch out for the dust and if you really want to be in close combat, then be quick and deviate a lot. Otherwise, continue to use arrows, but keep moving so that no rock falls on your head. Soon the fight is over and you have unlocked the trophy The Stink Eye.