Darksiders 3 Find Adamantine Chunks and Upgrade Weapons Tips

In Darksiders 3, you have the possibility to upgrade your weapons. However, for that you need to locate one of three Adamantine Chunks. This will move up your weapons from level 9 to 10 and also unlock Purity of Power trophy. To collect these chunks you have to master all of Fury's abilities.

One Adamantine is located in Bonelands, another in the Haven and the third one you can find in the scar.

Adamantine in Bonelands

You can find this Adamantine Chunk in the Bonelands using the Cargo Ship area at Vulgrim as your starting point. Go under the steel girders and pass the crater on the right then defeat the Kraken.

Over the ruined bridge you reach the river, where you activate your storm ability. Drift over the airlocks and turn left. Past the mushroom and enter the hall on the right.

Keep right, walk down the stairs and leave the building again, walking through the pool. If you look straight ahead, you will see stasis fields in the next house, which you define as your next destination, if you want to find the chunk.

Jump up with the Storm Ability, switch to Strength, and walk down the Crystal Wall as a magnetic ball to the next level. Now just follow the path over the containers to pick up the chunk on the small island.

Darksiders 3, Adamantine Chunk Location, Adamantine in Bonelands

Adamantine in the Haven

The second chunk is located in the northern end of Haven. Go via Vulgrim and the serpent holes to this area, pass the two large roots and turn left. In the background on the right wall of the house another tree root leads up. Climb it and use the whip to swing to the opposite root.

Here, you need your flame ability and use your swinging arts again to get to the platform diagonally to the left, where there is a body and an object. After a swing you must activate the Flame ability, so that you reach the next root.

Darksiders 3, Adamantine Chunk Location, Adamantine in Haven

From the platform you turn around so you can use another root to help bridge the gorge. Here, too, a jump in the flame must follow after the double jump so that you reach enough height.

Follow the path and turn right into the house, where you equip the power and set the obstacle with a charged attack. Now all you have to do is follow the path down the stairs until you find a dead body in the lowest level next to the barricaded windows and doors and the chunk.
Adamantine in the Scar

The third chunk you’ll find late in the game. There is no suitable starting point for this one.

Here, you need to freeze few moving platforms, so you can move around easily. If you are on the wooden bridge, where a large cylindrical rock is standing, you freeze this ground and turn right. Here you use again the stasis ability to take the way up.

Darksiders 3, Adamantine Chunk Location, Adamantine in Scar

You now see two more large boulders in front of you, over which you can reach the top with the stasis ability. Jump onto one of the moving platforms to get to the opposite side. Here you freeze the two rolls with spines to jump down without damage. In addition to a demonic artifact you’ll also find here an Adamantine chunk.

Darksiders 3 Find Adamantine Chunks, Blacksmith

With the weapons and Adamantine Chunks in your hand, you go and meet blacksmith Ulthan, you'll find him in Haven in the Forge of the Maker. You can raise any level 9 weapon to the maximum level of 10 with a chunk.