Fallout 76: Fix Crashes, Errors and FPS Problems

There are some bug issues with Fallout 76 on the PC. To fix some these errors you have to wait for a patch. However, we want to help you with some solutions to fix problems such as playing the game in full screen, changing the depth of field or FOV or saving FPS.

First, make sure that your PC is equipped with enough hardware and software resources to run Fallout 76.

- Download and install the latest driver for your graphics card
- Ensure that your antivirus program is not blocking the game
- Make sure that your PC meets the Fallout 76 minimum and recommended system requirements

Increase 60 FPS Restriction

To do this you must first create a .ini file.

- Click in your Fallout 76 folder in the installation path- in Documents> My Games> Fallout 76.
- In this folder, you now create your own file. To do this, right-click and create a new text file.
- Call it Fallout76Custom.ini . Remember to delete and overwrite the file extension .txt.
- Open this file now with free programs like NotePad ++ or the editor.

Edit this file and write what you find in the below. Save everything at the end and execute a right click on the file again. Now set the file to be read-only.

Fallout 76, Fix Crashes, Errors, FPS Problems

Activate Real Full Screen

If your PC meets the recommended system requirements then you can run the game at full screen without FPS loss. For this you have to write the following lines into this file:

bFull Screen = 1
bFullScreen = 1
bBorderless = 0

Save FPS: turn off depth of field

If you want to save even more FPS, you can turn off the depth of field. For this you write the following codes in the self-created file. The first paragraph belongs to "Display" (with square brackets around it). If you did not copy the lines from "Turn on fullscreen" into the file, you still have to write "Display" (with square brackets around it).

fDOFBlendRatio = 0
fDOFMinFocalCoefDist = 999999
fDOFMaxFocalCoefDist = 99999999
fDOFDynamicFarRange = 99999999
fDOFCenterWeightInt = 0
fDOFFarDistance = 99999999

[Image Space]

bDoDepthOfField = 0
bDoRadialBlur = 0
iRadialBlurLevel = 0
bMBEnable = 0
bLensFlare = 0
bScreenSpaceBokeh = 0
bDynamicDepthOfField = 0

Turn off motion blur only

Motion Blur is an effect that distorts the image when you move the camera quickly. It should look like the environment is passing you by. Many players are just annoyed by it. To turn off the effect, write the following codes into the file. Incidentally, they must be under "ImageSpace" (with square brackets around it) .

bDoDepthOfField = 0
bMBEnable = 0

Change field of view

If you want to see more and change the FOV, you can do that in the .ini file as well. For this you enter the following lines under "Display" (with square brackets around it):

fDefault1stPersonFOV = 90.00
fDefaultWorldFOV = 90.00

Instead of 90.00 just give the value you want. Some players could go to about 110 without getting in trouble.

Change anti-aliasing in FXAA

Fallout 76 leaves you no choice - you have to live with TAA. But if your system does more, you can simply switch to FXAA in the file:

santi aliasing FXAA =

You write this code under the header "Display" (with square brackets around it).

Disable mouse acceleration

If you are annoying with the mouse acceleration in the game then do the following to fix it:

bMouseAcceleration = 0
Skip intro videos automatically

If you are annoyed by the intro and just want to skip it automatically? This also works in the file:

sIntroSequence =
uMainMenuDelayBeforeAllowSkip = 0