Farming Simulator 19: Cutting and Planting Trees, Forestry Tips

In Farming Simulator 19 (FS 19), you get the chance to chop down trees and plant new ones. You can do this with chainsaw or machines.

To plant trees in FS 19, first you need to buy pallets with seedlings either from pines or poplars. Then you need a tree planting machine such as Damcon PL 75, with that you can plant the seeds.

- Pines: You can plant them anywhere, but they take considerable time to grow.
- Poplars: You can plant them on fields and then cut down with a forage harvester and cutting unit when they are fully grown.

You have the following options when cutting trees:

- Cut down trees with the chainsaw: Chainsaws cost you less money and allow you to cut the trees by hand. Note that you have to manually remove smaller branches on tree trunks. Shorter tree trunks can also be loaded directly onto the trailer by hand.

- Cut down trees with the wood harvester: The wood harvesters cut and saw the trees directly into suitable pieces and also remove the branches directly.

Farming Simulator 19, FS19, Cutting Trees, Forestry Vehicle

No matter what you pick, you can then load the logs and transport them to the sawmill. When selling, you should deliver logs as long as possible to the sawmill to get maximum price.

Produce and sell wood chips

You can also process cut tree trunks for wood chips before you sell them. In addition you can use shredder to spit out the wood chips for you.

You can harvest poplars directly with a forage harvester with a suitable cutting unit. You can then unload the chips directly into a tractor with a trailer that accompanies you at the harvest.


  1. I noticed something odd when planting saplings. If you run the tractor and planter yourself the pallet of saplings gets emptied, but if you hire a worker, the pallet remains full. I had a worker plant all of field 2 by the sawmill on the German map with one pallet.

  2. One hired worker can plant infinite saplings/trees/whatever if you have automatic buy enabled for hired workers (options --> game options).
    It's a very nice option but as far as i could track the costs it's about 1.5x more expensive than buying the seeds/saplings and let the workers only plant those you bought

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