Farming Simulator 19: Increase Crop Yields, Improve Harvest

In Farming Simulator 19 (FM 19), you have the possibility to increase your crop yield over fifty percent. On the other hand, inadequate weed control may reduce your yield.

Here, well give you some useful tips on how to increase your crop yield and improve your harvest.

First, you must fertilize your fields twice per harvest. Each will give you extra bonus on the final harvest. To fertilize fields there are two options to choose from:

- Fertilizing with Oilseed Radish will increase your crop yield: This is a cost effective method but requires more time. Oilseed Radish is a crop and also serves as a natural fertilizer for other crops. You grow it as usual, but don’t harvest it at the end, but dig it with a cultivator in the field.

- Fertilizing with artificial fertilizer: This will cost you more than the above method. For distribution, you can use manure spreaders such as the Farmtech Superfex 800 , liquid manure barrels such as the Kotte VE 8000 or fertilizer technology such as the Bredal K105 .

Remove weeds

Before harvesting, you should take care of weeds otherwise you will get some reduction deduction on the final yield. Again, there are two possibilities related to weeds growth:

- Remove weeds with the harrow: In the early growth phase of weeds, we recommend harrow for removal.

Farming Simulator 19, Increase Crop Yields, Improve Harvest

- Remove weeds with the sprayer: If the weeds sprout shortly before harvest, a harrow is no longer enough and you have to use a field sprayer. Fill it with a range of pesticides and remove the weeds before you start harvesting.
Field care after the harvest

The field care is important when a field is currently not in use. There are two important processes that you should consider in order to increase crop yields in the long term:

- Distribute lime on soils: After every third harvest of a field, sprinkle it with lime , which will give you extra yield on the next crops. You can buy lime in pallets on the market and then distribute it with a spreader on the field, just like when fertilizing.

- Plowing fields after harvest: Only after the harvest of corn, potatoes, sugar beets and sugarcane you should plow the appropriate field, otherwise there is a deduction of the next harvest.