Fortnite: Carnival Clown Board Locations Map Week 9

Fortnite: Battle Royale week 9, Season 6 has just started and this week challenges include mini clown game that requires you to score at least 10 points on different carnival clown boards.

Scoring points in the mini-game is not that difficult. You just have to burst the balloons with your weapon. The real difficulty lies in finding the location of the Clown Board.

There are five locations known so far and to complete the challenge you only have to visit three of them. Once there, you have to burst ten balloons in one go. The further your score increases, the faster the balloons will be blown up. You can use a weapon or your pickaxe. No matter what you choose you should not have any problems.

All Carnival Clown Board Locations:

- Lonely Lodge: Far left in the area
- Paradise Palms: Next to the bridge to the desert section
- Between Lucky Landing and Flush Factory
- Junk Junction: In the new area directly to the right of the name on the map
- Pleasant Park: Near the football field

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