Fortnite: Viking Ship, Camel and Crashed Battle Bus Locations

The last week of Fortnite Season 6, we are required to visit 3 locations (a viking ship, a camel and a crashed Battle Bus) that we loved so much during the current season.

Finding the location of Viking ship should not be that difficult. After all, in the Viking Village already the Viking in the name. The battleship is in the north of the map. If anyone has ever wondered what's going on with the battlebus and what exactly happened to the bus driver, who always thanked everyone?

Well, maybe he waits in front of the gas station and takes refreshment. And you? You don’t have to visit all these three places in one game, but you can check them off, round by round. Then the 5 battle points will soon be yours!
By the way, there are no flags or specific locations where you have to stand. Just land on or near them for the task to be solved. As always, pay attention to the window squeezing from the left into the screen to tell you that you have completed the task partially or completely.

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