Sheet Music and Piano Locations: Fortnite Week 6 Season 6

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6, Week 6 challenges are now active and one of the tasks requires you to locate sheet music or score in near Pleasant Park and Retail Row and play on a piano.

The sheet music is huge and hard to miss. Besides, you don’t have to remember the notes for the rest of the week 6 challenge. If you reach close to the respective piano, the sheet music automatically appears in front of it.

You’ll be rewarded with Battle Stars at the completion of each phase. Phase 2 is not available until you complete Phase 1, and so on. These are all phases for the challenge:

Sheet music in Pleasant Park

Sheet music is usually found wherever bands or orchestras perform.

Phase 1: For this sheet music you must go to the Halloween house in Pleasant Park. In this house take the first door on the left. In this room you will find the sheet music. See the notes on the sheet for Phase 2. These are the notes C, E, G, E, C.

Sheet Music, Pleasant Park, Phase 1, Fortnite

Phase 2: For the second phase of this task from the haunted house where you found the Sheet Music in phase 1, head west. There is a mountain on which a piano keyboard can be found. 

Piano Location, Pleasant Park, Phase 2, Fortnite

To play the music you need to step on the notes C, E, G, E, C with your character.

Remember that you have to go from the keyboard to every note. Don’t hit the other buttons.
Sheet music in Retail Row

Phase 3: After playing the piano, you need to look for the second sheet music in Retail Row, as planned in Phase 3 of the Week 6 challenge. Go to the East of Retail Row and look for the sheet music in the Cafe. Right next to the first bookshelf on the left is the sheet music. This time the Notes are A, E, F, A, E, C, A.

Sheet Music, Retail Row, Phase 3, Fortnite

Phase 4: The last sheet music is located a little further southeast of Retail Row. Again you have to climb the mountain and press the right keys on the piano, notes A, E, F, A, E, C, A.

Piano, Retail Row, Phase 4, Fortnite