Turn Off Voice in Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online, you have an option to chat with your friends. You will also meet many other players in the game, whose voices and sounds you can turn off or mute. 

There is currently no option to turn off specific players in RDO. Instead, you can mute players around you. To do this, press the left direction button on your digipad and select the item Player.

Then you can press the triangle button on the PS4 or the Y button on the Xbox One to turn off all the players around you. The mute of certain players may still be introduced with a future update.

In addition to mute, you can also make various filter settings for the voice chat. You do this as follows:

- Open the Free Roam menu by pressing the left directional button on the Digipad.
- Go to the bottom of the online options.
- Here you can make four different filter settings in the voice chat.
- Now you can set whether you want to hear all, only friends, troop members or crew members.

Turn Off Voice, Mute Players, Red Dead Online

The last two options certainly make the most sense, as you are always communicating with the players you are actually playing with.